Chlöe Bailey is done dipping her toe into the acting pond. Instead, she dove headfirst into her latest role in Donald Glover’s series “Swarm.” She plays Marissa, the best friend to co-star Dominique Fishback’s character Dre, in the psychological thriller that premiered episodes one and two on Friday (March 10) at SXSW.

“When I first read the script, I was like, ‘Oh, this is insane, this is incredible,’ and I cried, and then I realized, you gotta do that sex scene, girl,” said Chlöe in an interview with Deadline. The singer rose to stardom alongside her sister, Halle Bailey, as the duo Chlöe x Halle. They both earned acting credits in their first project together in the first four seasons of “Grown-ish.”

Chlöe, 24, exudes sex kitten energy in her music videos and her steamy posts on social media, but according to her, none of that could have prepared her to strip down for a passionate scene opposite heartthrob Damson Idris.

“As open and liberal as I am about my body, I was very scared because I haven’t had that many partners,” revealed the In Pieces singer. She continued, “I’m not like that — like that sexual and open. So, I was like (sigh), okay. So, Damson made it really comfortable; you know, there were limited people on set. It was a closed set.”

She also noted that the “Snowfall” star helped to lighten the mood during the unnerving shoot. “We were laughing in between [takes],” recalled the starlet who regularly turns heads online. “We literally had a bouncy ball in between us, and you know, we were making a joke out of it, so it took all of the nervousness away from that. I have to give a lot of kudos to him as a man for making me, as a woman, feel comfortable literally being raw and naked.” Audiences can tune in to the show when it is released this Friday (March 17) on streaming platforms.

View the clip below to hear Chlöe dish on filming the scene.