Jozzy’s superb songwriting ability helped her craft a 30-minute masterclass for anyone interested in courting women on her new EP, Songs for Women, Free Game for N**gas. The 10-track project reflects Jozzy’s primary goal when creating any song, making music for women. In a brief hot-seat interview with her Love Records CEO, Sean “Diddy” Combs, she explained her thought process for her new collection of music. The talented recording artist said, “Because I am a woman, I love women so much. So I always try to make music that makes women feel something. I also have so many homeboys and brothers that I love equally, so I never male-bash. Therefore, I created this project to give them some game about women.” Being the first official signee under Diddy’s new R&B-focused label comes with high expectations. Songs for Women, Free Game for N**gas is a massive step in the direction toward Diddy’s goal to “create timeless music with the next generation of artists, writers, and producers who represent the future of R&B.”

If you are unfamiliar with Jozzy’s previous work as a recording artist, I can almost promise you are familiar with her co-written songs. The Memphis, Tennessee songwriter most notably has credits on Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” and Beyoncé’s “Virgo’s Groove.” Crafting R&B jams is not new to Jozzy. She’s been penning songs with some of the industry’s best for almost a decade. She has credits on records with Monica, Lil Wayne, 21 Savage, Drake, Missy Elliott, and many more. As the rising star looks to grow her catalog, Songs for Women, Free Game for N**gas is a statement piece that will stand the test of time within the ever-changing R&B landscape. Fans of her Soul Therapy: APT 215 EP will be amazed at the growth since her 2020 release.

Jozzy sets the tone for her impressive EP with a question on her intro track, “Songs for Women”: “Girl, if I told you the things I feel about you, would it make you love me more?” The simple yet thought-provoking question instantly captured my attention as I locked into half an hour of audio experience. Jozzy battles the same issues as anyone who has attempted to date in the 21st century. Her bravado and confidence bleed through the first track when she questions if the woman she is dealing with has “anyone in her DMs with more money than her.” The tasteful toxicity matches the Love Records signee’s heartfelt tone. Diddy appears on the second track providing his classic hype man energy to start “Replay.” The upbeat record spotlights Jozzy’s range and ability to switch flows between the hooks and verses seamlessly. Her versatility is so strong that it almost feels like multiple artists are featured on the track.

Growing up, we always heard that the third time is a charm. This is also the case for the third record on Songs for Women, Free Game for N**gas. Jozzy picks up the pace on her stand-out track “Commotion.” The radio-friendly bop leans into the spicy side of her pen. Her crafty wordplay on the verses is a treat, while she still laces the single with her boisterous voice on the hook. The tale expresses the back-and-forth that goes on between two territorial lovers. Some relationships thrive off of chaos, and this song is the anthem for those who can relate. The offering transitions into the ’90s-inspired fourth track, “She Asked Me.” The smooth cadence and infectious hook are an ode to the same songs that inspired Jozzy to start making music. Leading into the more somber side of the project, “Favorite Shirt” brings back her vulnerability for her fans to embrace.

Jozzy utilizes her “Free Game interlude” to lead into the final half of her album. The track features a brief interview about compromising in a relationship. Furthermore, the audio manual for love continues with “Alone,” a song that ends up being the saddest record on the project. It’s the polar opposite of the following “Nasty Interlude,” which presents the raunchy side of Jozzy’s range as a songwriter. The Janet Jackson-esque offering gets as steamy as possible before abruptly ending prior to its climax. The EP’s heart rate slightly slows ahead of “Don’t Say No.” The talented crooner uses the record to serenade her companion while motivating her to let go and allowing her to take the lead in the bedroom. Then, in classic Bad Boy-inspired fashion, Stevie J. and Stacy Barthe join Jozzy for the “Spit Game Outro.” The two-minute closing track features synthesized voices that R&B fans have come to love over time. It was a creative yet necessary ending to an emotionally charged album full of confessional lyrics and intimate moments.

Songs for Women, Free Game for N**gas is the perfect introduction for Diddy’s Love Records. After making the bold proclamation that “R&B is dead,” the pressure was on for his camp to deliver musically. Jozzy stepped up to the plate and crafted a well-needed homerun for her team and, more importantly, the genre. She effortlessly blended modern topics with classic R&B sonics and made an album for everyone to love. Life is a feeling process, and her music makes you feel. Her raw emotion, veteran songwriting ability, and passion for the genre are plastered throughout the 10-track EP. Jozzy’s newest work shows why Diddy called her one of the most talented artists he’s ever worked with. If there were doubts about the state of R&B, Songs for Women, Free Game for N**gas proves that the genre is alive and well.