Rihanna’s Navy is scoffing off reports that her jaw-dropping Super Bowl LVII halftime performance received 103 pages of complaints that were submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), according to Rolling Stone. The outlet obtained the report that showcased every laughable objection to the spectacle.

At worst, the criticism took aim at specific dance moves such as gyration and suggestive hand motions that, ahem, practically every performer on any stage has done some variation of since sex appeal was used as a tactic to sell albums and tickets. It is worth noting that Rihanna is not the first and certainly will not be the last to twerk or hypnotize onlookers with the swing of her hips.

Despite this, the 13-minute medley of just a few of her hit songs, including “B***h Better Have My Money,” “Work,” “Rude Boy,” “Pour It Up” and “All Of The Lights,” had 118 million viewers watching her every move as she cascaded above Glendale, Arizona’s State Farm Stadium. Between the singer rocking a red jumpsuit that opened to reveal her red, fitted turtleneck and her dancers, who wore puffy white jackets, baggy white pants, and crop tops, people still felt the show was too provocative.

“Rihanna, the gyrating and rear end and crotch grabbing is too far for broadcast TV. It seems like almost every year, performers want to do some version of this in their dancing. Please put an end to this,” complained one person.

“I would like a response on how your agency will protect me [and] my family from seeing such vulgar things on broadcast television again,” wrote another.

“Her ‘costume’ featured what appeared as painted breasts. From all angles, it was made to look like bare naked breasts of the red color. Yes, that color isn’t her natural skin tone, but the sexuality of the design cannot be denied,” said another.

See how the Navy laughed at reports of the complaints below.

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