Could Drake be considering retiring from music? Today (Feb. 23), in a new “A Moody Conversation” teaser clip, the five-time Grammy Award-winning artist sat down with fellow rapper Lil Yachty in a beach-themed setting and seemingly hinted at his exit. And if that exit from music is indeed to come, then Drake’s announcement of “a new album” in January could be the start of his possible musical departure. While performing at the world-renowned Apollo Theater in New York on Jan. 21, Drake announced plans for new music.

According to Variety, the 36-year-old rapper told his audience to prepare for a possible solo album this year. “I appreciate all of those people that stick by me. I know it’s like a cool thing… to be like, ‘F**k Drake,’… but I deeply appreciate everybody for continuing to support us,” the “Nice for What” songwriter said. He added, “I’ve thought about a bunch of things in life, but at this moment in time, none of those things are stopping making music for you. So I’ll be here for you for a little bit, at least. And I hope I can strike up more emotions for you, maybe this year. I might get bored and make another one. Who knows?”

In the sneak peek clip shared on Instagram, Drake revealed that his envisioned exit would be “graceful.” “I think I’m at the point now where I just wanna, like… I feel like maybe we talked about this the other day, but I feel like I’m kind of introducing the concept in my mind of a graceful exit,” Drake said in the clip.

Outside of music, Drake has also dabbled in other ventures, including executive producing documentaries. Last month, REVOLT reported that the Canadian actor is the EP of a documentary based on French Montana life. On Jan. 7, Montana confirmed the news during an episode of “Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson.”

“It’s called For Khadija, that’s for my mother,” said the “Unforgettable” rapper. “You know she came out here and sacrificed for us. My father had left, and she stayed, and she helped me become who I became, so I dedicated it to her. Drake is executive producing it. It’s a real immigrant story coming from Africa. I’m from Morocco to the hip hop culture in the Bronx and really just being in culture shock. Not knowing English when I was 13 when I came, and from there.”

The entire “A Moody Conversation” will drop tomorrow (Feb. 24) and is sponsored by FutureMood Studios.