As previously reported by REVOLT, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky stunned on the cover of British Vogue with their 9-month-old baby boy. While the family looked picture-perfect, some social media users weren’t feeling the shoot, claiming the New York native was being emasculated in the portraits.

In one photo, the Barbados-born star led the way as the couple walked on a beach, but the angle shows Rihanna appearing larger, with Rocky further behind and holding the newborn. “My wife is an awesome woman who does amazing things, but she wouldn’t want me to become her housewife,” one tweet read. Another person who disagreed with the shoot added, “So now women are leading men? So now men are the nurturing caretakers of children? What is going on in this world? SMH.” The conversation raged on with strong opinions: “[They] emasculated the f**k out of that man. If y’all don’t see what they pushing, then [I don’t know], you just blind. This ain’t equality they [are] fighting for; it’s superiority. Equality is standing side by side. This is reversing old traditions saying she leads [and] he follows, but aye, man.”

However, fans were not here for the disrespectful comments. “The gross over-analysis of that Vogue cover featuring Rihanna and A$AP Rocky is how I know I was really supposed to be born on Pluto,” a post read. Another person joined in, saying, “It’s really sad that y’all see the Vogue cover as an emasculation of A$AP Rocky because it’s really nothing MORE masculine to me than a man who [knows] how to let his woman shine in HER moment AND be an affectionate and loving dad?!” One woman wrote, “These guys need to stop projecting their own insecurities like a bat signal.”

The comments don’t seem to bother the pair. The two appear to be more in love than ever. Rihanna headlined the 2023 Super Bowl and announced they’re expecting baby number two. As the Grammy winner performed for millions, Rocky was spotted smiling and dancing along to her hits as he recorded the proud moment on his cellphone.

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