If you didn’t catch this week’s episode of “The Jason Lee Show” yesterday (Feb. 15), then you missed out on an extra special installment featuring the legendary Remy Ma and battle rapper and “Wild ‘N Out” star Hitman Holla. Host Lee discussed several topics with the duo, including why Remy doesn’t view Doja Cat as a rapper, award shows, snitching, and much more.

Lee did a little “snitching” himself when he revealed to Remy that a member of her security team allegedly laid someone out during a recent event. He then asked this week’s guests if they believe Gunna snitched as part of the deal that found him pleading guilty to one racketeering conspiracy charge in the YSL RICO case. The “Pushing P” musician was released shortly after, while fellow Atlanta artist Young Thug and dozens of others named on documents remained behind bars.

The “All The Way Up” emcee quickly stated she did not know the details of the case but noted, “Where I’m from, you don’t call somebody a snitch unless you see the paperwork in black and white,” before doubling down with, “You can’t just call people a snitch… I need to see the paperwork in black and white.”

Hitman Holla chimed in, “You definitely got to see it because when you [put] that jacket on, there’s no recovering from that, but you can’t corroborate at all… and that’s what people are saying,” seemingly referring to online reactions to Gunna’s release on Dec. 14, 2022, a little over seven months after his arrest in May.

The “Big Flex” rapper also mentioned that although he expects an average citizen to cooperate with authorities, he does not condone individuals who claim a particular lifestyle participating in the taboo act.

The discussion pivoted to Remy Ma’s latest enterprise, Chrome 23. In case you missed it, the Bronx native announced the first-ever all-female battle rap league aimed at highlighting women in the predominantly male subgenre of hip hop.

Sticking to music, Lee asked Remy about her comments regarding another female artist, Doja Cat. During her appearance on “Drink Champs” last year, Remy omitted the breakthrough musician from the rap category. The remarks garnered Remy some backlash. However, the “Conceited” businesswoman felt what she said was misinterpreted. “I thought I was giving a compliment,” she clarified. “I just felt like she was more than a rapper because she sings and she dances. I feel like certain people, they fall into other categories.”

The veteran acknowledged the criticisms she received but revealed, “Once everybody got offended, started talking s**t, I’m like now I don’t give a f**k – I don’t care. I don’t even think about it.” She added, “I was asked a question. I was on ‘Drink Champs,’ and that’s what they said, and so that’s what happened,” maintaining, “It was really meant as a compliment.”

Remy continued, “But a lot of times what happens is — especially when it comes to us females — the fan bases and the people, they say things, they twist things around and make it a thing.”

Lee asked the highly respected lyricist if she believes artists are territorial when it comes to rap. She opened up about two issues, including her first Grammy nomination, where she lost out to an act that wasn’t deemed a traditional rap group. Remy Ma also said she feels it’s time the hip hop community create an organization that holds the same level of prestige as the Grammys and other ceremonies like it.

However, the “Whuteva” emcee stated it wouldn’t be enough to just “create the floor for our own things,” but that folks should also “appreciate it.” “Because I’ve seen so many times where artists, once they get to a certain level… where, at one point, BET or being nominated or winning that award was a big thing… or [the] Soul Train Awards. Now, they don’t show up.” Remy shared, “It’s plenty of times I watch the Soul Train Awards, and you don’t see a lot of people, but they’ll go to the AMAs, and they’ll go to the Grammys.”

Host Lee had plenty more topics for his guests, including Remy being approached by Bravo to star on the popular reality series “Real Housewives of New York City.” The respected boss said she was living in her New Jersey home at the time, which was ultimately the deciding factor. However, the former reality star noted she would have no issues returning to her NYC apartment and isn’t closing the door on the idea.

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