Last Friday (Feb. 3), Money Musik unveiled a new single titled “Double Faces,” a collaboration with NAV and SoFaygo. The track — which Musik produced alongside Sach — is essentially an ode to the artists’ wealth and hedonistic lifestyles:

“Been workin’ since I was a jit, got lit and blew up like a blimp, woah, I got my style with no stylist, now everyone bitin’ my drip, woah, I’m stayin’ loaded like clips, ’cause it be hard to resist, woah, they shot at my bro and they missed, now we put him in a spliff, woah, I’m private, my b**ch is the baddest, but don’t nobody know about her, Say you want smoke, send the address, and you might just get blown up out it, I been rollin’ every day of the week, found a new b**ch, made her part of my fleet…”

Money Musik is behind many of NAV’s biggest projects, including Bad Habits, Good Intentions, and Demons Protected By Angels. In addition, the Toronto producer also contributed his talents to songs like Pressa’s “Wassi Callin’,” 88GLAM’s “It’s A Flex,” Lil Uzi Vert’s “Leaders,” Lil GotIt’s “Wok,” Bobby Shmurda’s “Getting Em Back,” and Offset’s “CODE.”

In an interview with ProducerGrind (above), Money Musik opened up about his experience during the Bad Habits studio sessions:

“We were just in the studio locked in for two years, I would say. And this is my first time coming around this s**t. I met, like, mad people… I was surprised that I met [The Weeknd, Metro Boomin] came to the studio. This s**t just opened my eyes, I was just young, I was like 17 years old at that time… It was just regular s**t. That’s how we were making a project, really.”

Press play on Money Musik, NAV, and SoFaygo’s “Double Faces” below.