There was once a time where kids across the nation wanted to be a member of Cash Money Records in the late ’90s and early 2000s. From the clothing styles to the iconic chains, it was almost impossible to find an elementary school that did not have a group of kids who wanted to be part of the legendary rap label. The golden child of that era, of course, was none other than Lil Wayne. Because of his hard work and dedication through the years, he was able to start his own faction of CMR that still holds a ton of weight today and forever more — Young Money. Like many of us, Brooklyn rapper Joey Badass shared his childhood aspirations of wanting to be part of Wayne’s camp.

When Baller Alert asked Joey, “Do you prefer Young Money or Cash Money Lil Wayne?” he adamantly sided with Weezy’s own imprint. “Young Money,” he responded. “Because that YMCMB one is crazy,” he continued. “I wanted to be signed to Young Money, fun fact. When I was a kid, word. Yeah, I was with the smoke.”

Joey’s talents found another home, but it’s been nothing short of a blessing. For over a decade, he stood and still stands as one of the game’s top lyricists and most respected artists. Moreover, his 2022 album 2000 garnered much critical acclaim and commercial success. While it didn’t get a Grammy nomination, it stood as one of the year’s lyrical highlights. Also, it’s a testament to the longevity of Joey Badass‘ career, pen, and perspective as a hip hop leader.

Hearing that the “Brand New 911” rapper is on the long list of artists who wanted to be a member of YMCMB further proves just how influential Wayne is. He ultimately gave us Nicki Minaj and Drake, so that type of work itself holds weight when legacies are concerned.