Back in September of last year, Symba blessed the masses with his latest body of work, Results Take Time, which was released in conjunction with DJ Drama and Gangsta Grillz. The project consisted of 16 songs and additional features from the likes of RMR, 2 Chainz, Fridayy, Kali, Pusha T, and Roddy Ricch, the last of whom is featured on the ballad-esque number “Never Change.” Produced by Pooh Beatz and EJ Beats, “Never Change” sees Symba focused on remaining grounded in spite of his financial success:

“This money like family, I promise I know it so well, every girl f**k me in love with me ’cause I’m so real, chauffeur to the show, then took the club to the hotel, that a** so fat that she can’t even touch her toenails, I’m turnt up, ballin’ in Miami like I’m Tua, b**ch, I’m on one, rappers always rappin’ ’bout they Rollies but don’t own one, all my b**ches bad, so I know all you n**gas want one, ’cause why they always actin’ like it’s love but don’t show none?”

The accompanying clip for “Never Change” begins with a cameo appearance from Drama, who reads a story to a group of children. Viewers can then see Symba delivering his rhymes next to an all-white Rolls-Royce while Roddy spreads the gospel to his followers at a different location.

Prior to the video’s release, Symba took to social media to further explain the song’s powerful meaning, especially in regard to its chorus:

“Don’t let someone change who you are, to become what they need. I can be rich with you, I can be broke with you, but I’m still gon’ be the same.”

Press play on Symba and Roddy Ricch’s “Never Change” — directed by Keoni Mars — below. If you missed it, you can stream Results Take Time here.