Reportedly, NLE Choppa is said to be working on an official sequel to 2019’s Cottonwood, a 10-song EP that has since earned a gold certification. Following last month’s “23,” today (Feb. 3) sees the Memphis star delivering a new single titled “Champions,” a booming cut that exudes positive energy and inspiration within its subject matter:

“My view from the top of the moon, I can see the whole world sittin’ in my hand, amazing view, we finna break the rules, and we gon’ make ’em too, I can’t fall or slip, I got it standin’ tall, that’s what a leader do, follow me, I’m leadin’ you, ay, we… champions, ay, we gon’ ball never fall, champions, champions, we champions, ay, we gon’ ball never fall, I put my head up…”

In an Instagram post that shows him providing clothes to those need, Choppa further explains the meaning behind the track:

“My definition of a champion is anyone who has faced adversity and still [hasn’t] let it define who they are on the inside,” he said. “You’d think the homeless would be full of things that isn’t divine, but instead, every homeless person I meet are more grateful [than] people with everything they dreamed of. That tells me that a champion is NOTHING exoteric, it’s actually ESOTERIC.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, NLE Choppa hosted a gathering in his hometown on Saturday (Jan. 28) in honor of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old who was beaten senselessly by former members of the Memphis Police Department. Nichols succumbed to his injuries while hospitalized three days later, and five of those involved were subsequently hit with second-degree murder charges. In a video shared to social media, the “Camelot” rapper led a crowd down a residential street with a skateboard in hand. Press play on “Champions” below.