This is not a drill! Today (Feb. 1), Beyoncé finally gave the fans what they’ve been waiting for by announcing her 2023 “Renaissance World Tour.”

Sasha Fierce made the big reveal this morning via social media. With a simple caption of “Renaissance World Tour 2023,” the Houston native shared a photo of herself from her album cover shoot. It seems Beyoncé loves a good surprise — when she dropped her seventh studio album in late July 2022, that also came with no warning, but fans were ecstatic! With today’s news, her post already garnered over a million likes in around 30 minutes.

The concert announcement has already spread like wildfire on social media. “If I can’t get Renaissance Tour tickets for my city, best believe I will get them for any available date in another location. Even if it’s out [of] the country. At this point, I will plan an entire vacation around this Beyoncé tour with no shame,” one dedicated fan tweeted. But even Queen Bey’s fellow celebrity peers are feeling the excitement. NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson wrote, “Beyoncé has released her tour dates, my kids will be texting me in 3, 2, 1,” to which one resourceful hopeful responded, “I forgot your number, dad.”

Beyoncé will be bringing her catalog of hits, extensive wardrobe and showstopping dance moves to a city near you beginning on May 10. The first few dates are overseas starting in Stockholm, Sweden with stops in Paris, London and Amsterdam. In July, she makes her way to the United States with shows in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans and more. All of the buzz has seemingly caused a glitch in the website, but don’t let that get you discouraged. “Due to overwhelming traffic, Beyoncé’s tour webpage has changed the ‘Register’ for the dates to ‘Soon.’ Keep refreshing the site for more updates!” one verified source noted.

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