Back in 2021, Miles from Kinshasa connected with kadiata for the hit single “Don’t Be An Opp,” which — as the title suggests — is a message for those who try to bring unnecessary issues into a relationship:

“I been home too long, November’s too cold, but you’re just as froze, only get that real love that real love from the bros, don’t want another winter alone, lil’ mama, pick up the phone, is that what, is that what you’re on, we can make a big budget movie abroad, so pack that Sharkkini you’re sitting on, I don’t want no smoke, why must you rock the boat all the time, but if you want you can take a toke, baby I’m just a man it’s not my fault…”

Last Thursday (Jan. 19), the South London-based talent unveiled “Don’t Be An Opp II,” a remix of the aforementioned track that now includes fresh contributions from Sam Wise and Knucks. While the production doesn’t change, the new additions are a bonafide upgrade to the infectious cut with Knucks’ verse being a prime example:

“Baby girl just want trouble, you sure you wanna go there with Knuckles, how we go from just Belaire out the bottle to me grabbing on your hair like Rapunzel, like I don’t care bout no bundle, a hunnid on the square for the frontal, want some money on your square, come to uncle, tiger on the way, I’m in the jungle, but I ain’t looking for Jane, I still juug in the rain, still swinging to different branches with the same card, but it isn’t the same, it’s fun but it isn’t a game…”

Press play on the new visual for Miles from Kinshasa, kadiata, Sam Wise, and Knucks’ “Don’t Be An Opp II” below, which comes courtesy of Melody Berkery.