Next Friday (Jan. 13), Clavish will unveil the new body of work Rap Game Awful, which will contain additional features from Fredo, Kaash Paige, D-Block Europe, Tiggs Da Author, Youngs Teflon, MoStack, Tiny Boost, and more. Yesterday (Jan. 5), the North London emcee liberated a new visual from said project for “Traumatised,” a CHEK Beatz-produced offering that takes inspiration from Sisqó’s iconic single “Thong Song.” As with previous releases, the track further solidifies Clavish’s penchant for delivering vivid bars about how real life on the streets can get across the pond:

“If boy’dem pull up, know I’m cutting first, I was upset when bro got first blood ’cause I tried cuttin’ first, this white girl more than average, make my number jerk, these dotty pellets spread, that’s worse than a f**kin’ germ, erm, what’s gonna help me live my bestest life? Money up, bestest times, them times, bro was still alive, I know he’s gone, but he’s still that guy, I’ve seen man get shot and stabbed, never left me traumatizеd…”

Directed by Toxic, the accompanying clip for “Traumatised” is mainly centered around a shot of Clavish on his throne with lit candles and a violinist helping to set the vibes behind him. Viewers can also spot the “Rocket Science” talent in a small room with what appears to be plastic adorning its walls. Check out both “Traumatised” and the full tracklisting for Rap Game Awful below.

Rap Game Awful tracklist:

  1. “Rap Game Intro”
  2. “NRF Freestyle”
  3. “No Difference”
  4. “Monday To Sunday” feat. Fredo
  5. “Rap Game Awful”
  6. “Public Figure”
  7. “She Wanna” feat. Frosty
  8. “B22 Money”
  9. “Rocket Science” feat. D-Block Europe
  10. “Honest”
  11. “3 Of Us” feat. Rimzee, Tiny Boost, and Youngs Teflon
  12. “Greece”
  13. “1 More Than 6”
  14. “Roll With A G” feat. Tiggs Da Author
  15. “Can’t Style Me” feat. MoStack
  16. “I Told You So”
  17. “That’s Silly”
  18. “Mariah Carey” feat. ​Teeway
  19. “Ages Ago”
  20. “Traumatised”
  21. “Enemies” feat. Kirky
  22. “No Interview”
  23. “FR”
  24. “Ideal World” feat. Jordan
  25. “Selling Dreams”
  26. “Tryin” feat. Kaash Paige
  27. “22 Missed Calls”
  28. “Rap Game Outro”