On Monday (Dec. 19), Skillibeng decided to bless his fans with not one, but two new songs for fans to enjoy. Both singles, titled “More Fire” and “Deja Vu,” also come with matching visuals that make beautiful Black women the focal point.

The clip for “More Fire” comes courtesy of Jenzar and begins with a shot of two women sunbathing in front of a house as Skillibeng walks his dog nearby. The location then switches to a flatland landscape, where the Jamaican star rides an off-road vehicle and delivers adults-only rhymes that are perfect for both the dance floor and the bedroom:

“Easy, f**k out ya hole ’til ya c** for me, shove me hood inna yuh mouth as ya open it, she ano Shelly-Ann, but she will run for me, a track and field gyal a run dung Skilli, gyal a lift up like gun when me get busy, ‘Baby ya like that?’ She say, ‘Yes Skilli’…”

“Deja Vu” keeps the same theme as far as subject matter with shots of women hitting the beach and other nearby locations throughout. While Skilli doesn’t make an appearance, his words are definitely heard over the scenes witnessed in the RUPPI-directed effort:

“How yuh likkle an’ boasy suh, mi love shove up mi c**ky inna yuh enuh, an’ wen yuh bend up yuh foot an’ make mi fold it up, and wen yuh cock up yu b**ty den yuh roll it up, am like oouu, a mussi deja vu, am like oouu, oouu, a mussi deja vu, like steering mi grab yuh t**ty dem, mi wi icky dem, yuh magnificent, wid yuh pretty b**ast, come mi deal wid yuh n**ple like a guinep…”

Press play on Skillibeng‘s colorful visuals for “More Fire” and “Deja Vu” below.