Jason Lee is not a fan of cancel culture, which is why he jumped at the opportunity to moderate a panel regarding the subject during the 2022 REVOLT Summit x AT&T.

Ahead of the sit down, which featured Nene Leakes, Ray J, and Amber Rose, Lee opened up about his take on the latest phenomena that often leaves the culture divided. “You can definitely expect a real, serious, transparent, honest, and provocative conversation,” said the Hollywood Unlocked CEO. “You know, I don’t run off a script, there is no script. I feel like nowadays, you’re scripted because they don’t want you to get canceled.”

He says that when asked to lead the panel, the only answer was , “Yes.” “When REVOLT asked me to do this panel and have this conversation, I thought it was necessary,” said Lee. “I knew exactly who we needed to talk to.” Furthermore, the media professional candidly shared his thoughts on whether he believes that people can genuinely be canceled. “Cancel culture really is a sickness created by [the] mainstream because it’s designed to cancel culture,” he expressed. “I’m 45 years old, so I lived in an era where Eddie Murphy could get on TV and do a tremendous job with a special like Raw, saying f**got, f**got, f**got and not be canceled. But then, Dave Chappelle can’t do a special without the community going, ‘Oh my God, that’s homophobic.’ So I’m like, ‘What are we even living in right now with the over-sensitivity?'”

As previously reported by REVOLT, Rose spoke out about her involvement on the panel, noting that cancel culture encouraged her to give others more grace. “I think, if you’re just open-minded to having a conversation, and you know, let’s say somebody is just like, ‘What you said was wrong, and this is why I think you can redeem yourself,’ I think everyone could [bounce back] from cancel culture,” she said at the time.

Overall, Lee hopes that the talk “dispels the idea that cancel culture is a real thing.” Check out the full conversation below.