GloRilla has become a fan-favorite since her hit “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” dropped in April. The anthem, which celebrates being single and stress-free, continues to dominate airwaves and club scenes. With her newfound success, the 23-year-old has been vocal about how she stays focused.

In a social media post from today (Nov. 28), the new artist shared her dating advice when it comes to meeting men in the club. “I just gotta say this. If you trust a n**ga that you met at the club, you’s a hot a** mess and a Godd**n fool, and you don’t got no motherf**kin’ home training. ‘Cause b**ch, you sitting up here falling in love with a n**ga that you know you met at a place where he looking for h**s at… he finna treat you like a motherf**king h**, b**ch,” she said online. She then asked her fans why they were falling in love with those types of men and urged her supporters to “Stay woke.” The clip was shared on Twitter with the caption, “Morning inspo.”

“Yesss, teach the young girls discernment!!!” one person told Gloria Hallelujah Woods. Another said, “Say it louder for the ones in the back.” One guy tweeted in response to the video noting he’s been telling the women in his family the same thing for quite some time. “Love the accountability — [’cause I’ve] been telling my sisters this all the time, and they won’t hear [’cause I’m] ‘controlling’ and nosy. Sis, I want the best for you. Trust me — I love them but no, they won’t listen! [They’ve] been in toxic relationships. Not even one good one,” he shared.

Although her fan base is strong, not everyone was feeling her message. “This ain’t it, dudes you meet at church can have the same intentions. You really got to base it on the PERSON, how they treat you and how they carry themselves… unless you meet them at a crack house, then take her advice. Happy Monday!” one response read. Another person praised her for simply staying true to herself. “I just gotta say this to you… I LOVE ME SOME GLORILLA! I love your energy, your style and your confidence!!! And you are such a cutie for real! Prettiest face — all natural!”

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