Wallo still delivered on his promise to give back for Thanksgiving.

On Thursday (Nov. 24) morning, he vowed to take a group of women on a shopping spree at a Target in Philadelphia. “I’m taking 15 ladies,” the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” host said in a video posted to social media. “Y’all gon’ go in Target, y’all gon’ get two carts. I don’t care what you put in the cart, I’m buying it.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before those plans had to be changed when Wallo learned the retailer’s doors were closed for the holiday. Although the women were unable to go in and shop, he still showed out for them in a huge way. “Target is actually closed today, but obviously I’m still out here slapping into they pocket like a rocket,” Wallo shared in a separate Instagram post. “I’m tryna tell you gentlemen — take ’em to Target. They love Target.”

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As previously reported by REVOLT, Wallo grew emotional during an appearance on “Big Facts” earlier this month. At the time, he opened up about his mission to leave something on this planet that will stand the test of time. “A lot of things that we’ve heard in life, we heard it before,” Wallo said, noting that he realized his gift is how he manages to impact people through his translation. “I’m just telling you in a different way.” He also encouraged the youth to use what they have to create content. “I walk with these $2 T-shirts because I don’t believe in flexing on my people,” Wallo continued. “But listen, man, I know how to get [money] and I’m telling you how to get it because I want you to go get it.”