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  /  11.03.2022

The “Big Facts” family sat down with Wallo, a published author, orator, and activist for the Black community. In his chat with Big Bank, Baby Jade and DJ Scream, the famed “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast host spoke about a variety of topics, including trust, relationships, youth and financial opportunities. Most of his interview highlighted the lessons he learned in prison and the various ways he’s reshaped his mindset and lifestyle after serving a 20-year bid for armed robbery when he was 17 years old. 

When the now-41-year-old isn’t speaking to inmates, he’s educating the youth on how to avoid the unfortunate situations he’s been in himself. Wallo admitted he has much respect for the younger generation and doesn’t mind being transparent about his own journey. When he isn’t assisting the youth, he’s filming YouTube videos for his series “Where’s Wallo?” on which he’s interviewed creatives like Charlamagne tha God, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Jadakiss, and many more.

Born Wallace Peeples, he kicked off the conversation by explaining how he’s witnessed so much crime and poverty in Philadelphia that it was refreshing to see the way Black people live in Atlanta. Only 30 days free at the time, he highlighted, “One of the days that changed my life was when I was standing in front of Lenox Mall… I have never seen Black people pull up the way they were pulling up… It was [luxury] cars, valet, women. And it was excitement! I wrote my boy a letter right in front of Lenox… it’s like magic, it was like a movie,” the entrepreneur recalled.

The Philly native brought high energy to the set even when discussing relationships. When Baby Jade asked how he goes about repairing his mindset after his foundation of trust in others fell to the wayside, he simply responded, “I’m an emotional n***a. I don’t really care about what happened yesterday.” The “Mind of Wallo267” author doesn’t penalize anyone for the way certain events unfolded. “It’s all about perception,” he said.

The beloved host is on a mission to leave something on this earth that’s going to be here forever. With a positive mindset, he realizes that his gift is the way he touches people with his translation. “A lot of things that we’ve heard in life, we heard it before… I’m just telling you in a different way,” Wallo explained. The hip hop personality mentioned how it’s more powerful than money when you can leave a legacy behind that people can really hold on to.

There was a transparent part of the episode that magnified the humble attitude Wallo exudes. He started to show his tripod, which helped him get started with “Where’s Wallo?” but he had to pull it out of a book bag. As he removed the contents of the bag, he explained that his life is in there: boxers, socks, toiletries, his computer, and even some SIM cards “in case he needs to switch his phone numbers up.” He also had his raincoat, saying, “You never know what can happen.” Listening to how far he’s come up but seeing him continue to display a humble attitude toward life was a significant moment.

Moreover, in speaking about his tripod purchased on Amazon, he was sending a message to the youth to say, “Use what you have” to create content. He also spit game on how to promote sponsors on podcasts, gracefully acknowledging, “I walk with these $2 t-shirts because I don’t believe in flexing on my people. But listen, man, I know how to get [money] and I’m telling you how to get it because I want you to go get it.”  While serving time, Wallo made sure he was knowledgeable, staying educated and mindful of productive resources. “I wasn’t in jail; I was in Yale. I wasn’t in prison; I was in Princeton. I wasn’t in the state pen, I was in Penn State,” the entrepreneur said to the “Big Facts” family.

In wake of the recent passing of Migos member Takeoff, it was a striking moment for the activist to mention how he doesn’t care about anything else — that he just hopes in his heart to never be killed by another Black man. The timing of the statement was significant and spoke volumes about the fear Black men and women share in our community. Our sincerest and deepest condolences are with Takeoff’s family and friends.

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