Saweetie has a hot take on the state of hip hop music that is sure to get people talking.

The “My Type” rapper sat down with Bootleg Kev on Monday (Nov. 21) and discussed everything from her new music to double standards and the current trend of rappers dying from gun violence.

When asked if she noticed a shift in the Los Angeles music scene since the notable deaths of rappers such as PnB Rock and Half Ounce this year, she essentially said yeah, but there is an even bigger shift taking place.

“I mean, in LA and other cities, it just goes to show that this is the reason why women are running rap and hip hop. There’s just so much violence and disrespect in the male music,” said Saweetie.

She went on to explain that less than a decade ago, there were several chart-topping artists releasing records that got the party started. But now, it seems as though some male rappers are boldly amplifying violence.

“Remember when like YG, Tyga, and Chris were out?” the artist continued. “It was fun party music, Big Sean…T-Fly, but it wasn’t like, ‘I’m going to do this to you and this, this, this,’ you know?”

Saweetie went on to note that, in general, there appears to be a lack of love and empathy in music nowadays. “I feel like we gotta raise the vibration with the music and get back to having a good time,” concluded the Grammy nominated star.

Saweetie is fresh off of the release of her six-track project, The Single Life, that boasts songs like “DON’T SAY NOTHIN’” and “NO RECEPTION.” Ahead of the EP’s Nov. 18 release, the Bay Area native hinted that her new music would address some of the narratives surrounding her.

“It’s a freestyle getting off everything that’s been in the media for this past year,” she said about “NO RECEPTION” as she spoke at the Teen Vogue Summit & Block Party on Nov. 12.

She continued, “For me, I’m not finna argue with you online. I’m not finna address no bulls**t online. Like, sometimes I be looking at stuff and I be like, ‘Y’all can’t be serious.’ Sometimes it’s so outrageous, I’m like, ‘D**n, I’m that b**ch.’ Y’all can’t be making this stuff up. But since y’all want to, I’m finna address it in the music.”

Watch Saweetie’s full interview with Bootleg Kev below.