The holidays are here and Roddy Ricch is doing his part to ensure families have what they need this season. Today (Nov. 18), his Feed Tha Streets 3 album dropped and the Compton-born rapper celebrated by doing just that.

In a video posted to social media yesterday (Nov. 17), the 24-year-old arrived at a Ralph’s grocery store in Los Angeles to pay for groceries. “Yo yo yo. What’s up? It’s Roddy Ricch. You know, if I got any shoppers in here, we just came through to pay for everybody’s groceries for the next 30 minutes,” he began on the store’s PA system. “So, you know, if you got your groceries and you wanna have us pay for ‘em, we ‘gon help y’all out. We’re here for y’all. You know what I’m saying? Make y’all way to the register. We got y’all. ‘Preciate y’all. I love LA,” he finished with a smile.

“Thank you. God bless you. Thank you so much,” a woman told the young star as he made his way through the checkout lines greeting customers. Another woman took a selfie with Ricch and mentioned that his kindness made her want to cry. A man named Bishop Johnny Young introduced himself to the “late at night” artist, saying, “This never happened to me in [my] 71 years of life and this is a blessing today.”

In a separate clip, the bishop continued sharing his gratitude. “We appreciate him for this miracle today. And may God bless him and shine upon him, and this was much needed today. God sent him in such a time as this,” Young said. He shared that he’s a pastor in Inglewood, California and in 40 years, he’s never witnessed anything like Ricch giving back to the community. According to Los Angeles news station Fox 11, the “High Fashion” artist didn’t stop feeding the streets at Ralph’s — he also covered the tab at Black-owned businesses throughout the area.

One tweet mentioned he was also “giving out free meals at Fixins Soul Kitchen,” a local restaurant. Ahead of his album’s release today, Ricch did an interview with New Zealand DJ Zane Lowe about the project. “I didn’t want to worry about anything outside of the studio. I wanted to worry about the music the most and give my fans the best experience,” he said. The LP includes 15 tracks and features from Lil Durk and Ty Dolla $ign.

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