Drake and 21 Savage continue their faux promo in support of their new album, Her Loss. Yesterday, they delivered a fake “COLORS” performance of “Privileged Rappers,” an Earl on the Beat, Gentuar Memishi, and Noah “40” Shebib-produced effort that borrows from The Isley Brothers’ “Ballad for the Fallen Soldier” — the same song sampled on JAY-Z’s classic cut “A Week Ago.” The short video shows the duo flexing their wealth and success while shunning others who they feel haven’t put in the work to earn the same:

“Let’s have sex in the bank, tell ’em to open the safe, I hate a privileged rapper who don’t even know what it take, the diamonds, they hit like a rainbow, that’s ’cause the necklace a Frank, woah, woah, woah, yeah, let’s have sex in The Nines, breakin’ and bendin’ her spine, I hate a privileged rapper that ain’t had a hit since he signed, n**gas be full of excuses, act like they takin’ they time…”

Since the official announcement of Her Loss, Drake and 21 have managed to fool fans with features and appearances that were thought to be real, including a Vogue cover, a “Tiny Desk” set for NPR Music, and a sit-down with Howard Stern. They even provided the masses with a “live” rendition of “On BS” that mimicked “Saturday Night Live,” complete with an introduction provided by actor Michael B. Jordan.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Drake postponed an upcoming show at New York’s Apollo Theater to mourn the passing of peer Takeoff. He also paid tribute to the fallen Migos talent during his SiriusXM radio show “Table For One”:

“I’d just like to send our deepest condolences from the family to the entire QC, to our brother Quavo, to our brother Offset, to the friends and loved ones of the legendary, unprecedented Takeoff, a guy that I knew for a long, long time.”

Check out Drake and 21 Savage‘s latest clip below.