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  /  11.04.2022

After attempting to save Takeoff following this week’s tragic event, a woman is detailing the encounter, KHOU 11 reports.

On Thursday (Nov. 3), the woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, revealed that she is an infusion nurse who lives near the Houston bowling alley where the late rapper was gunned down. “I live close by and I heard, ‘Pow pow pow pow pow,’ and it stopped and I went, ‘That’s so weird.'” From there, the woman explained how she sprang into action to see what was going on. “So I got up in my pajamas, [went] over to the balcony [where] my neighbors were underneath me [and] I said, ‘Did y’all hear that?’ And they said, ‘Yeah.’ And I said, ‘I don’t think that was a car or firecrackers. That sounded like gunshots.'”

After seeing people flee the scene, the nurse revealed that she thought there was some sort of active shooter situation occurring and initially decided to stay put. Once things settled, she heard a scream, which prompted her to spring into action. “I’m thinking that’s the victim,” she said. “That’s the person who’s shot. It sounded like a cry of agony. It was a cry of agony, but emotional…not physical.”

The woman explained that she later learned that the sound came from fellow Migos member and Takeoff’s uncle, Quavo. Furthermore, she went to grab her medical equipment to help the victim and soon discovered it was the “Motorsport” emcee. “You can hear my voice in a video yelling, ‘I’m a nurse. No, no, no. I’m a nurse’ because I wanted to let them know,” the lady recalled. “I was scared, but I had to go.”

Once she reached him, the nurse realized it was too late. From there, she checked Takeoff’s pulse a number of times, however, she revealed that he had already transitioned. Social media users questioned why she did not perform CPR, but the woman said the outcome wouldn’t have changed. “[It] would not [have been] appropriate, especially with a gunshot wound,” she explained. “You would never do CPR because you would be circulating the blood and the blood would go right out of the [bullet] hole.”


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