LaKeith Stanfield questions the influence of rap music in the wake of the tragic loss of Migos rapper Takeoff.

“If you are for gangster rap, you can’t also be for Black,” wrote The Photograph actor in a post shared to Instagram. “The dangerous toxicity associated with this glorified Black serial killer and killed music and imagery got people thinking it’s cool to hurt those that look like them and only them,” Stanfield wrote in the caption. “It’s okay to embrace the realities of life in the harder areas, but let’s think about not holding up this behavior in our circles.”

Instead, he urged people to focus on the positive. “Let’s make it cool to embrace life, travel, and learn new things,” Stanfield continued. “I know that [the] scope of issues we have to contend with is much larger than just this, and that we have a lot of work to do in many areas to restore our hearts and minds after centuries of persecution and manipulation, but we have to start somewhere.”

Check out his post below.

Furthermore, Stanfield urged people to hang up the music, which he labeled “self-destructive.” “At some level, we have to see our lives as valuable so that we think before we react and see another human when we look at a human, man,” the Get Out actor shared. “And again it’s a part of who we are, but for the most part, turn that stupid s**t off.”

Stanfield’s post was flooded with mixed emotions from users in the comment section. “Agree to disagree,” wrote one person. “Plenty of people enjoy the music without wanting to kill someone, but I get where you’re coming from.” Another said, “Bro, you can’t blame the music. There’s a million factors going into this s**t, and music is just a miniscule part of it. That’s like blaming music for drug use or school shootings on violent video games. S**t isn’t that simple or reductionist, but I appreciate your perspective though.”

On the other hand, others reacted to Stanfield in total agreement. “Somebody gotta say it,” said entrepreneur Ross Mac. One user responded with, “Facts, and some people will say there is no correlation with the proof in their faces.” Ebonee Davis also chimed in with “Speak” in Stanfield’s comment section.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Takeoff was shot and killed in Houston early Tuesday (Nov. 1) morning. He was only 28 years old.