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  /  10.28.2022

Over the past 24 hours, many racist tweets circulated on the social media app Twitter, compelling Black people to blast the race-based rhetoric and those posting it.

The overwhelming barrage of anti-Black posts came shortly after the announcement of Tesla founder Elon Musk’s purchase of the social app on Thursday (Oct. 27). Anonymous accounts began posting numerous N-word and other racial epithets-filled tweets in response to his first post as the new owner, declaring: “The bird is freed.”

These accounts are now being exposed to the public, and Black Twitter users are demanding action. Actress and activist Malynda Hale says it’s revealing how many people wish to see hatred on the site. “It’s really telling to see how many people want lies, racism, homophobia, and bigotry to be a part of their daily Twitter feed now that Elon has taken over. I can’t imagine having people view me as the catalyst for their hate. That, sadly, says a lot about who Elon is,” she tweeted.

Twitter user lana_lovehall questioned whether any of the abusive tweets’ reports would be addressed: “Now that Elon Musk owns Twitter let’s see if our reports of racism will be taken [seriously] or continue to be ignored…” she expressed.

Billy Dixon, who goes by the name atwmpastor, quoted one of the racist posts using the N-word, tweeting: “Saving every racist tweet to prove that the new Twitter is causing harm and violence to Black People. People only understand when they lose money.”

Jazillionnn, an entertainment attorney, shared a screenshot from a report she made against an account using racial slurs against a celebrity. According to her, the social media site claims the racist user did not violate any safety policies. “Earlier this week, I [reported] a racist tweet with racial epithets spewed at a Black media personality, and today got this. This is Elon Musk’s Twitter, where [white] people can call Black people whatever the hell they want,” she said.

Another individual, TokenBK1, expressed his opinion of the racists on social media, Musk and said he had no intention of deleting his account. “As a proud member of Black Twitter, I’m not gonna leave this app [because] Elon Musk, and his merry band of racists [and] anti-semites are screaming the N-word, ethnic slurs, [and] a bunch of other vile [things]. I’m not scared of any keyboard warriors [and] also f**k Elon Musk and f**k you if you like him.”

Mmpadellan, with over one million followers, shared a screenshot of an account writing the N-word repeatedly in response to Musk’s tweet. He said, “A lot of the outrage over free speech on Twitter has mostly been a**holes complaining that they couldn’t be their worst a**holey selves without consequence. This is [the] new Twitter.”

Twitter user BlackKnight10k wrote: “[It] didn’t take them long to prove that free speech only meant white people saying the N-word with an “r.”

No statement has been released by Musk or his representatives regarding the influx of offensive tweets or plans to fix it as of Friday (Oct. 28).

Below you will find all the tweets aforementioned and more:


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