Back in April, redveil blessed the masses with his latest project, learn 2 swim, a 12-song offering with additional assists from Mekdelawit, Renaissance Mic, Sam Truth, Fly Anakin, and ovrkast. It both received critical acclaim from hip hop peers and eventually led to a regular appearance on Denzel Curry‘s “MELT MY EYEZ TOUR.”

One particular standout from learn 2 swim was the self-produced “pg baby,” an ode to the rapper’s Maryland stomping grounds:

“Meter doing jumping jacks, I’m leaning on the pedal, so much steam left on the asphalt, they fiending to say hello, every season, I’ma blast off and reach that different level, got my head up on a swivel and my hand close to the metal, get the medal, bring it back to Largo, that P.G. baby never settle, easy day to get him silent tryna meddle, ‘veil adjacent to the pot, you bet not touch it ‘til it settle…”

After some teasing on social media, today (Oct. 25) sees redveil liberating a remix of “pg baby” featuring an appearance from Curry. As expected, the Floridian star’s verse adds much to the song with bars about his own southern hometown:

“They all made me tougher but rougher around the edges, but most importantly, see what’s greater over the hedges, my name is D.C., baby, I ain’t from D.C., baby, my dawg from P.G., baby, and I’m from that Z3, baby, Carol City, stand up, Dade County, stand up, you don’t wanna drown in this wave, throw your hands up…”

Fans can also enjoy a matching visual for “pg baby (Remix)” that shows the duo in the midst of their aforementioned tour. The lo-res clip contains shots of the artists living it up in different locations during their downtime. Press play on redveil and Denzel Curry‘s “pg baby (Remix)” below.