Kanye West‘s “white lives matter” shirt debut at his YZYSZN 9 fashion show on Monday (Oct. 3) stirred a lot of emotions among people, including his friend Jamie Foxx.

On Tuesday (Oct. 4), Foxx shared an emotionally charged Instagram post recalling the moment he learned about the death of George Floyd, a Black Minneapolis man who died at the hands of former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin, and the impact it had on him.

“I’m sitting here reflecting on the moment when George Floyd was killed… I remember how the whole entire world was affected by this senseless, brutal murder that was captured on film… I remember how we all felt… no matter what color you were… This was the worst display of human behavior…,” the actor wrote. “When we went to Minneapolis… I believe the second or third day to stand with our brother. @_stak5_, who knew George personally… there was so much sadness and uncertainty as to how the protest would go… I remember we all joined hands, preparing ourselves for whatever was around the corner…”

He continued, “When we walked around the corner of the courthouse, I was taken aback… [I] couldn’t believe what I was seeing… more than 30,000 mostly white kids… Young… chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’… From a person who’s gone to [protests dating back] to Rodney King… I was filled with emotions to see this… #hope… It was the human spirit realizing that something was drastically wrong… And we were coming together to try and correct it… The whole world reacted that day and [in] days to come… I took my kids with me [to] Los Angeles, California, and they marched with me as well…”

He concluded his post, saying: “We did the same thing for Trayvon [Martin] … since then, the narrative of Black Lives Matter has been twisted, taken advantage of, and one million other things as social media tends to do… But I refuse to believe that the whole world had it wrong… And all of this was in vain… Our world spins faster these days… One media post can almost make you forget what actually happened… But let’s not forget … The goodness in our world [depends] on it… #BLM.”

Foxx also included a video of protests around the world after Floyd’s death, including in Paris, Australia, and Germany. Whether the 54-year-old actor took the videos is unclear.

According to Hypebeast, on Wednesday (Oct. 5), West asked followers who they would like to see portray him in a new Ye movie in an Instagram post. Ironically, he said he would prefer if Foxx played him in a silver screen rendition of his life. “My pick is Jamie Foxx, one of the greatest geniuses,” he wrote. However, it is unknown if West saw the actor’s Instagram post before posting his movie idea.

You can see Jamie Foxx and Kanye West’s Instagram posts down below: