Krystal and 2 Chainz have enlisted Brittany Renner as the star of the brand’s new campaign centered around its Side Chik chicken sandwich.

Following the announcement earlier this year that the Atlanta rapper would serve as the head of creative marketing for the Georgia-headquartered restaurant, 2 Chainz is diving in head first with the new initiative alongside Renner who he says has a “pulse on the culture.”

“At Krystal we are here to disrupt the [Quick Service Restaurant] landscape and are excited to be working with Brittany Renner as she has a pulse on the culture,” said the “Million Dollars Worth of Game” emcee in an official press release. “We know everyone has a favorite already, so instead of fighting to be your go-to, we’re happy to be your little something on the side.”

Renner described the collaboration as the perfect fit. “I’m real, I’m honest, and I’m funny,” the social media influencer shared. “So I was happy to partner with Krystal since they’re a brand willing to be all those same things.” The Side Chik sandwich is available in three different options: BBQ bacon cheese, pimento cheese, and classic. In addition to that, the sandwich is also designed to be served as a breakfast option via a biscuit form in the classic and pimento choices.

Previously, 2 Chainz opened up about becoming Krystal’s first-ever head of creative marketing. “I can remember Krystal being a part of so many pivotal moments of my childhood and teen years,” said the Atlanta native who is also quite the entrepreneur. “I want everyone to feel that, too, and can’t wait to put Krystal in the spotlight it deserves.”

Additionally, partnering with 2 Chainz for its rebrand was a no-brainer for the fast food chain. “As someone who grew up in the South and understands Krystal’s place in culture and community, 2 Chainz is a perfect partner for adding to and amplifying our brand message,” said Thomas Stager, president of Krystal restaurants LLC.

Check out the new ad for the Side Chik campaign in the Instagram post below.