Sean “Diddy” Combs is continuing to pour good energy into Gunna as the younger rapper awaits his trial for his alleged involvement in a conspiracy to violate the RICO Act.

The “Bank on Me” lyricist has been behind bars since May, but Diddy is making sure he keeps his spirits lifted despite his circumstances. The BET Lifetime Achievement Award recipient shared clips of a recent phone conversation he shared with the Atlanta artist in an Instagram post.

In the caption, he offered his followers some of the same wisdom he imparted to Gunna. “To anyone going through a tough time, stay in a high frequency and know that everything happens for a reason. Keep the faith and stay laser focused,” he wrote on Saturday (Oct. 1).

I’m praying, man, I’m praying,” said Diddy at the start of the clip. The YSL artist responded, “Yeah, that’s it, they’re going to work. I’ve been doing nothing but preserving myself. Keeping my mind together. You know, getting myself right.”

While the business mogul said he was sorry that the 29-year-old was going through a trying time, Gunna reassured him that it was not in vain. “Yeah, but it’s part of the testimony. So, you know, I just got to understand that, you know what I’m saying? This ain’t what we thought it is, it’s part of the journey,” he said.

The “Gotta Move On” artist echoed those sentiments. “Sometimes, God, that’s what he does though. He takes us through these crazy journeys. I know you’re supposed to be out here, man. I know it’s just going to make you stronger, and we getting ready for your return. You know, empower your mind every single second, stay in a high frequency, know that it’s going to be alright. It’s for a reason you don’t even know about … Just get ready for your return … You got some good time in there to be laser focused and do a lot of positive things, and dream big and bold.”

In closing, Diddy added, “God said that we not dreaming big enough, you what I’m saying? That we got to dream crazier. So, I know you going through this thing man, know that I’m praying for you and my God answers my prayers you know what I’m saying? When I put that special prayer on. And you deserve that though, you a beautiful person, a beautiful brother, and I can’t wait to see the things you do when you come out, when you get back, king.”

This past June, the Atlanta rapper let fans know how he has handled his time behind bars in an open letter he penned. “2022 has been one of the best years of my life, despite this difficult situation.” Gunna continued by stating that pushing P was still the move, but nowadays, the P stands for prayer, progress, peace, and prosperity.

Check out the abbreviated conversation between Diddy and Gunna below.