The investigation into PnB Rock’s senseless and untimely death continues and now authorities are looking into whether or not past disagreements may have played a role in the crime. As previously reported by REVOLT, the Philadelphia rapper was robbed and fatally gunned down while dining in South Los Angeles on Sept. 12.

Today (Sept. 21), TMZ said that LAPD sources are looking into his personal life to see if any past interactions influenced last week’s devastating events. Officials “are especially interested in his ties to Atlanta” and his hometown of Philadelphia. Rock reportedly spent a lot of time between the two states. The outlet adds that his song lyrics are also being looked into for possible clues.

Originally, officials believed a social media post announcing Rock’s location prompted the killing. Now, sources say because the gunman shot Rock multiple times, instead of simply taking his jewelry and other valuables and fleeing, it may mean the incident was based on more than just a crime of opportunity. They are investigating whether the shooting was a targeted hit.

At the time of the fatal robbery, Rock was having lunch with his girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles on Manchester Avenue in Inglewood. Shortly before the gunman entered the restaurant, both shared photos at the eatery and mentioned the location on Instagram. Authorities do not believe Sibounheuang had anything to do with the crime and have shared that she is “cooperating fully” with the investigation.

Last week, LAPD Chief Michel Moore announced at least two assailants were involved in Rock’s death. “We do believe that there are a minimum of two of them. One was driving the vehicle, letting off his passenger, and that passenger went into the store, into the restaurant,” he said. Since the tragic shooting, no photos of the suspects or surveillance video of the crime have been released to the public.

Fans continue to mourn the loss. “Still can’t believe them LA cats took #PNBRock out. Just dead wrong!!! They really murked this guy out of straight jealousy!!! Just disgusting. May #PNBRock rest in heaven,” a tweet from today read.