Quinta Brunson and Zendaya have been actively making history in their respective ways, including winning big at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. So it is no surprise that both women want to collaborate with each other.

In a new interview with Variety on Monday (Sept. 19), Brunson revealed that she spoke to the “Euphoria” actor, who expressed interest in working with her. “Right now, I don’t really have time, unless I wanted to work myself to death, to focus on anything but ‘Abbott [Elementary],’ and I’m OK with that,” Brunson expressed. “I’m trying to find out where other people find the time. I was talking to Zendaya yesterday. She’s like, ‘We have to work on something.’ I was like, ‘When? You are in every major franchise in the world!’ I don’t get it. Do people have [a] different time than I do?”

Both women won awards for their respective roles, with Zendaya winning Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series for her role in the HBO show “Euphoria,” becoming the first Black woman to receive the award twice and the youngest two-time Emmy winner.

In comparison, Brunson won an Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series award for “Abbott Elementary ,” becoming the second Black woman to receive the award and the first Black woman to be nominated three times in the comedy category.

With the second season of “Abbott Elementary” just around the corner, Brunson spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what to expect. “We’ll be going home and out with them more. In the first season, I really wanted people to fall in love with Abbott [Elementary], the school, and the staff,” she revealed. “We wanted people to feel like they wanted to work at or went to Abbott. This season, they know us well. They know the teachers well. They know the school well.”

She added, “Now, we can go out to events and parties, into our characters’ houses, and be outside more. But I still believe a workplace comedy should take place in the workplace. So, it’s not like we’ll be turned into a whole other show.”

The future looks bright for both Brunson and Zendaya.