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  /  09.16.2022

Chlöe Bailey stars in a new film that showcases a slightly different side of the sweet and lovable pop star that we’re used to. 

The 24-year-old singer appears in the psychological thriller Jane, which follows high school senior Olivia (Madelaine Petsch). The young student struggles with grief from the recent loss of a friend and goes on a social media rampage aimed at all those standing in the way of her success, ultimately opening the door to her darkest thoughts and impulses. In the film, Bailey stars as Olivia’s best friend, Izzy. Jane is meant to serve as a cautionary tale about losing yourself on the way to success, with an intricate look into the high stress and demands that trouble teenagers today.

In an interview with REVOLT, singer and actress Chlöe Bailey digs into these issues and opens up about her own success, how she describes herself as an artist, social media making her hesitant to react, and best practices for fan interactions. Read up!

In the film, Olivia has to write a personal appeal that is unique to her. As Chlöe Bailey, if you were to write a personal appeal about your artistry, how would you describe it?  

I would describe myself as a caterpillar who has grown wings and flies like a butterfly. Even though I underestimated myself at times, I am happy I’m stepping into my power, owning my voice, and being my complete self.

There’s a moment in Jane when a teacher, after being harassed off-camera, is caught on camera elbowing a student by mistake. Has public perception ever made you hesitant to defend yourself?

There’s been a lot of rumors about me that I’ve heard before and a lot of times, I wanted to go on Twitter or Instagram Live to address it immediately — let people know the rumors are false. I had to learn sometimes it’s not worth investing my energy into and giving more attention to the thing that isn’t true. Sometimes, you may catch me on a day when I’m a bit emotional and tweet something because I’m human. I’ll do a cryptic message, but I have the best fans who always figure out what I’m talking about. I just put it in the music. It’s rare if I speak on something. 

Olivia is discouraged when Izzy gets into the school she continues to be deferred by in the movie. Have you ever received something that a friend also wanted but didn’t get or vice versa?

I was 9 years old, and this was the third time I tried out for “Lion King” as Young Nala — I had just known I crushed it. I just knew I was better than everybody in the room and I was hopeful. I’ve been practicing; I’ve got the voice down with singing and everything. Fast forward a week and a half later, I saw on my iPad Touch with my pink silicone flower case, “Congratulations such and such for getting cast as Nala.” I was shocked because I knew I did better than the person who received the role. Now, I am boohooing and confused like, “What’s going on?” I went down the stairs to show my mom. I said, “Look at this” and she said, “Well, they actually called for you to do it but because it’s on Broadway, we can’t just up the family and move to New York, so we passed on the opportunity — but if there’s a touring offer, you can participate.”

I lost it. I was crying but I was proud of myself — knowing I could do it and [that I was] capable, but it wasn’t the right time for me. It wasn’t the blessing that God wanted for me, and sometimes we can’t be greedy all the time as much as we may wish for everything. We can all shine at the same time — it just might not be our particular moment in that area. I’m very competitive, but I also trust God and myself along with timing. 

You once tweeted, “The way men think women need them to win is hilarious.” Who are five women artists you would tap to guarantee a winning project? 

Missy Elliott, Beyoncé, Björk, Imogen Heap, and Grimes. 

Jane deals with how social media interactions can be tumultuous. What are your do’s and don’ts for how fans should interact with you online?

If I follow you, please do not write negative things about me because I see it on my timeline, and I have muted many people I followed. I would suggest you send me funny stories because I like to laugh. I also have my burner Twitter account just for that. I also have my TikTok, and I need to improve my posting. 

Before I let you go, do you have a due date set for the album? Can fans expect a new single or music video soon? 

Honestly, I was very happy filming in Atlanta. I’ve been creating every day, and I would love for the music I have ready to release, but I’m not stressing about it anymore and I’m not getting in my head about it anymore. I understand people are very eager … I know there’s anticipation. However, I’ve been so inspired as of late. I think it’s because I know I finished my project and I’m not creating to complete a project — I’m creating to make beautiful art. There are some great feature collaborations I’m a part of that I can’t reveal yet. I have a good relationship with my label — timing is everything.

Jane starring Chlöe Bailey, Madelaine Petsch, Melissa Leo and more premiered in select theaters on Friday, Aug. 26. You can also watch exclusively on Creator+ today (Sept. 16).


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