As the investigation into PnB Rock’s fatal shooting continues, The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and other personnel suggest that social media posts by both the Philadelphia rapper and his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang, played a significant role in the robbery that led to his death. Following the update, social media users believe people owe the late rapper’s girlfriend and the mother of his two children an apology.

“Chief Michael Moore just confirmed just a few minutes ago that he was targeted because of an Instagram post,” said a Fox 11 reporter in the clip shared via Twitter on Wednesday (Sept. 14). “There were actually a couple, one from the rapper himself in the back parking lot when they first got here, giving somebody enough time to get here and kill him, and then another one from his girlfriend when they were sitting at the table.”

Furthermore, the LAPD believes that the rapper was especially targeted because of the jewelry he was wearing. “They were attacked and robbed because we believe the target was expensive jewelry and property that he had on his person,” said Moore during the Tuesday (Sept. 13) press conference.

Moore added about her conversation with Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles’ property manager, “He confirmed with me that the rapper posted on Instagram in the back parking lot in a Cadillac with his girlfriend telling people that they were here.”

“He (PnB) was in the restaurant for about 45 minutes and then the girlfriend posted an Instagram Story about her food when they were sitting at the table and he, of course, made it clear that people need to be really careful about what they’re putting on social media because you’re putting yourself in a very vulnerable state.”

As previously reported by REVOLT, officials believe that there are two suspects involved with PnB’s fatal shooting. “We do believe that there are a minimum of two of them. One was driving the vehicle, letting off his passenger, and that passenger went into the store, into the restaurant,” said Moore.