The brother of late rapper PnB Rock has shared a heartbreaking statement following the Philly native’s death. Today (Sept. 14), PnB Meen posted a lengthy message on Instagram detailing his grief.

“I don’t [know] how to begin. Ima let it go … you was the only one who believed I can do what you do,” he started. “I can’t stop crying, bro. Why u ain’t have me with you? I always have ya back [and] front [and] sides. Please give me the strength to do this,” Meen continued. As previously reported by REVOLT, Rock was dining with his girlfriend when he was shot and killed during a robbery.

“I can’t believe this s**t,” Meen wrote. The emotional post continued, “My life always been s**t until you made it. I never thought you would leave broooo. Why? Wtff man. I can’t even write. I’m shaking. My stomach tight. I can’t see. I can’t eat. I’m [dying] slow,” Rock’s brother shared. He added, “I love you big brother with my whole entire heart [and] soul.” In the post, Meen asked why the shooter would “take the one that provides for the whole family.” He also mentioned that Rock’s daughters are now left without a father.

Thousands left messages of support in Meen’s comment section. Jojo Simmons wrote, “Love bro.” Rapper Maliibu Miitch said, “I’m sorry for ur loss. [Sending] u all my love.” Fans expressed their condolences as well. “So much love, healing and [blessings] to you. Not only was he taken but the manner was just so reckless. So sorry,” a comment read. Another said, “An unforgettable soul who touched so many people’s lives, including mine. We love you, Rock.”

No suspects have been named in connection to Rock’s death. Yesterday (Sept. 13), Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said he believes at least two assailants are responsible for the Sept. 12 killing. “Just yesterday, we had the tragic midday murder of a music artist by the name of PnB Rock, also known as Rakim Allen, as he sat in a local restaurant in the southeast part of Los Angeles with his girlfriend,” he shared.