Central Cee is currently in top gear. Back in July, he liberated a new track titled “Doja,” a LiTek and WhYJay offering that’s quickly become a hot topic off its chorus alone:

“How can I be homophobic? My b**ch is gay, hit man in the top, try see a man topless, even the stick is gay, huggin’ my bruddas and say that I love them, but I don’t swing that way, the mandem celebrate Eid, the trap still runnin’ on Christmas day…”

Shortly after the chart-topping single’s release, the West London star paid a visit to the L.A. Leakers at Power 106, where he delivered a freestyle for the listeners. Yesterday (Sept. 6), Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk brought that freestyle to YouTube, where viewers can see Central Cee providing his special brand of bars over a drill instrumental that samples 50 Cent’s “Window Shopper”:

“They think I’m the one that can bridge the gap, huh, I came to L.A. to work, but first, where the b**ches at? They’re tellin’ me TAO or The Highlight Room, if you wanna go through, you gotta bring the strap, no way could I trust these h**s, I’m taking their phone if we bring them back, I don’t wanna get done like, nah, they don’t understand, I’m giving them U.K. slang, my brudda, my fam’, my akh, you say, ‘The feds just done a sweep,’ we say, ‘The boy dem run in my gaf’…”

Back in February, Central Cee unveiled his second commercial mixtape 23, a 15-song body of work with additional features from Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2anti, Morad, Beny, Jr., Ashe 22, Freeze Corleone, and his real life brother Juke Caesar. 23 both peaked at the number one position on the UK Albums chart and earned Cench a silver certification. Press play on Central Cee’s L.A. Leakers freestyle below.