While on a promo run for her new album Traumazine, Megan Thee Stallion made an appearance on Yung Miami’s “Caresha Please” podcast and the conversation was one to watch. The rappers discussed a number of things including their sexuality, Megan’s appearance on “P-Valley,” how fans create drama between female artists and more.

In the episode, Megan also shot her shot at Yung Miami after a direct question asking if she liked girls. “I mean, I like what I like … I like you,” Megan said. Yung Miami quickly responded with, “You do? You’d f**k me?” Both girls laughed and shrugged it off, right before Yung Miami asked who would be on top if they had sex. Megan said that would be her.

Although this wasn’t the first public flirt session between the two, Black Twitter couldn’t get enough. This past July, both were spotted confessing their love for one another on Instagram. Last year after the BET Awards, they were also caught lip-locking.

“That caresha, please interview was so gay; I loved every second,” Twitter user @NostalgiaQueen jokingly said.

“The amount of sexual tension in this Meg – Yung Miami interview is wild,” @JuztKil0 tweeted. “I’m 2 mins in & they might as well start humping,” the Twitter user added.

“Megan’s episode of the Caresha please is the best interview I’ve seen between two Black women in a long time. I love it,” @ntegrld tweeted.

“Watching caresha and Megan on caresha please made me realize Aquarius’ really are the BIGGEST flirts unintentionally and intentionally Lmaoooo!! I see why people constantly say I’m a flirt even when I’m not trying to be, it’s natural,” said @Iam_bnice.

@YeastFezco jokingly tweeted, “Caresha be asking the hard hitting questions. Diane Sawyer could never #Careshaplease.”

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You can watch the full episode of Megan Thee Stallion on “Caresha, Please” below: