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  /  08.26.2022

Yung Miami’s “Caresha Please” podcast is breaking viewership records on YouTube with some of the best and funniest discussions with your favorite celebrities. Previously having Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kevin Gates, and her City Girls sister JT as guests, Yung Miami is back with all the smoke! The City Girl coach linked up with Thee Hot Girl Coach Megan Thee Stallion to discuss her new album Traumazine, stan culture, and the fact that the two go together — real bad.

Below are nine of the best and funniest moments from the latest episode of “Caresha Please.” Plus, tune in here if you missed it.

1. Megan Thee Stallion talks her new album Traumazine

After recently releasing her sophomore album, Traumazine, Megan Thee Stallion discussed the meaning behind the title and her personal connection with the concept. She explained that Traumazine is a glimpse into her vulnerable side: “I feel like it’s a softer side. You know, a side that people don’t usually get to see. I feel like we as female artists — especially Black women — we’re so tough all the time. I feel like in our music, we’re going so hard all the time. I feel like it’s been taught to us to not be so vulnerable and open and not to put too many people in our business … I feel like the world needs some of that sometimes.” Traumazine boasts features with artists such as Rico Nasty and Key Glock, but Megan revealed that JT was supposed to be on the album. Unfortunately, she didn’t submit her verse in time.

2. Yung Miami: “Would you f**k me?” 

When you put two Aquarians in a room, just know things will get spicy! The flirtation was undeniable between Megan and Yung Miami throughout the episode, so Miami posed a juicy question: “You like girls?” Megan made it clear that she “likes what [she] likes,” but most importantly, she likes Yung Miami. Miami took it a step further to ask if she’d have sex with her, which made them both erupt into a fit of laughter. Megan finally answered, “Yeah, I would.” If you’re wondering who’d be on top, Meg said it’d be her!

Feeding off of their Aquarius energy, the two showered each other with compliments. Megan also revealed that she likes how submissive Yung Miami gets around her. “You be very girly every time I see you and I be like, ‘That’s why I like her. She be ready to just come sit in my lap.’ That’s what I like.”

3. Megan Thee Stallion on Black women being disrespected

Facing trauma and scrutiny while in the public eye isn’t the easiest, especially as Black women in a male-dominant environment such as the music industry. Yung Miami asked Megan if she feels that Black women are the most disrespected in America, to which Megan responded, “Yes, I feel like we are expected to be so strong and so motherf**king tough all the time. I feel like people dehumanize us sometimes, and we just don’t have the same empathy from people as they give other women. We have to handle everything gracefully — like when we go through something, we’re not allowed to be loud. We’re not allowed to be sad. We’re not supposed to lash out, like, we’re supposed to take everything you’re throwing at us and handle it like Michelle Obama at all times.”

Miami agreed, adding that sometimes she feels that she just needs to vent freely on her social media without someone assuming it’s for attention. “I feel like us just as humans at the end of the day, we need an outlet. Sometimes when I’m going through s**t, I just be wanting to tweet,” She responded. “I just be wanting to lash out, and I’ll be expecting a person to just be like, ‘I’m going through the same s**t.’ Instead, they’ll be like, ‘This b**ch is looking for attention.’ It’s like, ‘B**ch, shut the f**k up.’”

4. Megan Thee Stallion’s “P-Valley” audition

Meg was always confident she’d be a star and she’s proof positive of the classic phrase, “Delays are never denial.” In 2021, it was revealed that Meg auditioned for “Love and Hip-Hop” before she blew up. However, that’s not the only show that Meg has gone out for. Following her guest appearance as Tina Snow on STARZ’s hit series “P-Valley,” Megan spilled the beans that she previously auditioned for Brandee Evans’ role as Mercedes. “I read for the part of Mercedes in like 2019 … Ain’t nobody ever asked me to read for nothing before, so they didn’t give me no instructions on the tape. They were just like, ‘Read these lines on camera,’ and I was talking normal. When I seen Brandee being Mercedes, I was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ Like b**ch, I definitely wasn’t getting the part,” Megan said with a giggle. She further explained that the show’s director, Katori Hall, reached back out for her to do a recurring role. However, due to Meg’s schedule, she filmed her role on “P-Valley” within a two-day span. She continued, “Being on set with everybody was so fun because I felt like I already knew everybody. I loved it.”

5. Yung Miami says sex with women is better than sex with men

If you ever wondered what one night with Thee Stallion is like, Meg has a few hilarious ways to put it in perspective for you: “It’s triple-X, b**ch. X-rated. Like the old school porn, too. Noises. Ebony porn, b**ch.” Segueing into the topic of porn, Meg asked Yung Miami what type of porn she likes. Miami confessed she’s only turned on from girl-on-girl porn: “I feel like that’s how I always knew I was bisexual … I feel like [women] know how to please each other.” She also revealed that she believes sex with women is better than sex with men. She added, “I don’t know, I just really enjoy having sex with a girl. I feel like it’s so personal … pleasing. We just having fun. We’re not in our head about it.”

The duo agreed that sex with men requires them to perform at the same capacity as porn stars. However, Meg made it clear that you won’t be getting anything performative out of her in the bedroom: “You not about to look like that man in that video. So b**ch, don’t you ever put no expectation on me.” To all the fellas watching, they both have advice for you: “Comfortable sex is the best sex.”

6. On stan culture and female rap unity

During the episode, Meg and Yung Miami addressed the state of female rap and how fans create non-existent scenarios that result in friction among artists. When asked about the experience of working with Cardi B on their seven-times platinum hit “WAP,” Megan said they had to feel each other out at first before they were comfortable. She responded, “I love her. She was so easy to work with. So fun to work with. It was just easy, but like when we first met, I feel like we were like, ‘You good?’”

Meg asked Yung Miami if she’s ever experienced a situation where she worked with artists who had beef with one another. Yung Miami said she prefers not to get in the middle of their issues, answering, “It has nothing to do with us … It’s okay for me to like the both of y’all.”

Speaking on the state of female rap, Meg said that the rap girls are starting to get back to supporting one another — even if they’re not featured on the song in question. However, she feels that the fans keep unnecessary drama going. “Nobody raps like nobody, you know what I’m saying? We all got our own lane, and I feel like that’s what is so beautiful about us right now. I feel like it be the fans more so than anybody — they keep it up more than the actual artist, and they got the world thinking it’s something that’s not happening.”

7. A game of “This or That”

During the conversation, Meg and Miami played a game of “This or That.” Miami asked Meg a series of questions, kicking it off with whether the latter prefers acting or music. Meg said both are one in the same, while Miami stated she feels they’re different based on her own experience playing a role in a movie. Getting into the juicy questions, Miami asked if Meg prefers missionary or doggy style. Meg chose doggystyle, explaining that she’s usually dominant in the bedroom, so that position is the only time a man can show what he’s made of. When it comes to spitting and swallowing, Meg would rather spit. Lastly, Miami asked if Meg would choose New York or Los Angeles. The Hot Girl coach chose neither, staying loyal to her hometown of Houston.

When asked about working with Beyoncé, Meg said she was starstruck while meeting her, on top of the fact that she proposed the “Savage” remix. Since then, Meg has had a great relationship with Queen Bey and JAY-Z. “They be like texting me from time to time like, ‘Yeah, you doing good. Don’t let this type of s**t get you out of character.’”

8. An interesting night with Megan Thee Stallion and Yung Miami

Megan asked Yung Miami to invite her to more outings, as she said that the City Girls don’t bring her along. On the other hand, Meg revealed she doesn’t know how the night would end. At that point, the two took a trip down memory lane and discussed an interesting Halloween night they shared together. Speaking on the night in question, Miami said, “The night ended off well. It was like one of them, ‘B**ch, you better not never repeat this night!’”

Miami brought all the smoke, reminding Meg that she was supposed to move to Miami and take her out to eat: “You never followed up so I’m like, ‘Okay, she’s just like a n**ga.’” Now that Meg is in Miami, they might go together soon — real bad!

9. A mental health check

Closing out the episode, Yung Miami asked Megan about the state of her mental health. Finding herself in a better place, Meg has her eyes on going to therapy. “I’m finally starting to open up more about things. I feel like I just know how to hold it together, and I feel like you don’t have to necessarily hold it together all the time,” said Megan. “It’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to be like, ‘Man, f**k this s**t, I’m over it.’ It’s okay to be like, ‘I need help.’”

Yung Miami discussed her therapy journey after the tragic passing of her son’s father. “When my baby daddy died and I finally went through my emotions, I cried so bad. It was to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed and I was like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna try a therapist.’” Although it didn’t personally work for her, Miami found an emotional outlet in her cousin, who she vents to regularly. Miami asked how Meg copes with grieving, to which she responded, “I haven’t really grieved anything yet. So whenever I talk about anything that has something to do with grieving, I be ready to bust out into tears.” Even on days when she feels low and doesn’t want to give her all, Megan is motivated by her late loved ones to keep pushing: “I always want to make them proud, and that’s what really pushes me out of bed in the morning. Like, ‘B**ch, don’t f**k it up. You blessed with so much s**t, don’t let no one get in the way of what God blessed you with.”


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