Gaming creator CoryxKenshin called out YouTube today (Aug. 24) on his channel after several of his videos were age-restricted in comparison to non-Black YouTubers.

The 29-year-old released the 14-minute visual sharing how the restriction hurts his brand and how the platform has done this to him before. “I am going to try my best to articulate this video as thoroughly, as plainly, as eloquently as possible,” he started. “I don’t want there to be any lost context—I don’t want it to look like I am coming from out of nowhere, having a temper tantrum. The allegations I am levying towards YouTube are extremely serious, and I am taking this video extremely seriously.”

“I’ve been doing YouTube for a long time. I never want to be that guy—’Oh, it’s because I’m Black. These issues are happening because I’m Black.’ So there have been certain situations that I look at kinda funny, and I said, ‘Hmm, it could be because of that. But I don’t want to build that narrative around my YouTube channel,'” Cory explained.

The content creator said that after sharing a gameplay of “The Mortuary’s Assistant,” his video was restricted to a mature audience only. He said after searching other gamers that posted the game on their channels, Cory couldn’t find one that was age-limited like his video. According to him, he appealed the decision, but website rejected it. When contacting his representative, he was told that a clip showing a woman committing suicide could have been the reason for the restriction. However, the creator said the other non-restricted channels showed the same part including popular YouTuber Markiplier.

Cory said he compared his and Markiplier’s accounts to ensure the rules were enforced equally on the platform. He added that he sent the video to his rep, who spoke with the platform about it and the restriction was lifted. However, Cory said he wasn’t happy because he felt it took the popular non-Black YouTuber’s popularity to validate his argument.

After getting his video unrestricted, he said YouTube placed the clause on both his and markiplier’s videos. He warned his subscribers that they would know why if he was shadow-banned for speaking out against the platform. YouTube has not yet responded to Cory’s claims.

You can watch the full-length video down below: