Genuine friendship is the core of what makes the City Girls one of the fastest-growing rap duos in the rap game. On episode three of “Caresha Please” this week, Yung Miami and co-host Saucy Santana sat down with JT to explore the depths of their friendships, relationships, and individual passions. Tackling hard-to-swallow topics such as incarceration, problematic tweets and breakup rumors, the intimate chat between the three besties was full of laughter and tears.

Early into the City Girls’ burgeoning career, JT was sentenced to 15 months in prison. Incarceration wasn’t the easiest to navigate, as JT explains that the first six months took a lot of adjustment. Along with being unable to keep up her beauty routines, she found herself in constant friction with some of the guards. “I didn’t really go outside that much. I didn’t really want to talk to people that much because that was like our breakout moment,” she said. “And then I think like after my six months, it kind of got easy and it just started feeling like school a little bit.” Transitioning from prison to a larger platform was another adjustment that took time to grow into. Feeling “guarded” and more defensive after her time in prison, JT feels the experience plays a role in how she interacts with her fans. “When I got out, I thought it was a joke still. I’m getting on Live saying what the f**k I want to say. Then the next thing you know, I’m on The Shade Room — like my third day out. That’s what really had me thrown off. The comments, the people, and s**t like that.”

Back in 2020, JT sparked internet outrage after a few of her old tweets resurfaced on Twitter. Yung Miami, who also experienced backlash in 2018 over previous tweets, took a moment to address their outlook on the situation. “That’s just like ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ right? It’s a show,” Miami explained. “So when the reunion comes, everybody on Twitter and they tweeting. That’s not trolling, you’re just saying your opinion because you’re watching the show. I feel like that’s what everybody do.” From JT’s perspective, her tweets came from a place of lighthearted humor and weren’t meant to rouse a reaction out of anyone. JT also acknowledged the lack of cancel culture and clout-chasing back in the early Twitter era. “Blogs wasn’t posting us back in the day,” JT responded. “So now they are posting people, so people are doing it for a reaction. So that is trolling because you know you don’t even mean that s**t. You’re just trying to be top comment. You’re just trying to get a clap back and trying to get a reaction so you can show your friends.”

Between snagging collabs with Usher and Fivio Foreign, as well as being co-executive producers of Issa Rae’s HBO MAX series “Rap Sh!t,” City Girls have been on a nonstop run lately. Discussing their accolades, Miami asked JT how she feels about the ongoing buzz as far as fans calling her the “Princess of Rap.” Unaware of the title being attached to her, JT said that she doesn’t take it to heart — she’s simply enjoying her position in the music industry and isn’t looking to compete with anyone. “I’m not in it for no competition. I don’t care who is being called the ‘Princess of Rap.’ I don’t really care about nothing, really. I’m just blessed to be here.” Santana chimed in, sharing his admiration of JT’s creative process and how he wants her to pursue individual endeavors that are true to her talent. However, JT is focused on enjoying the fruits of her labor at the moment: “I don’t really like to be bothered. I like to relax, chill, enjoy life. I done been through a lot. … I feel like I’m blessed. I live a good life, but am I going to tap more into that? Yes I will when the time is right.”

JT’s calming, yin-like personality makes her a perfect match for Yung Miami and Santana’s vibrant, yang-like personalities. On the topic of their friendship, the trio discussed their differences and how they make it work. Although it may seem like Miami and Santana have a closer bond outside of JT, rest assured that the love is mutual between all three of them. When asked why she doesn’t come around them often, JT answered, “I don’t want to be around because I take everything too personal.” The three friends hilariously reminisced about a trip to Texas, where JT ditched Miami and Santana to get food on her own. When Miami asked JT and Santana what about her irritates them most, JT shared that she doesn’t know how to express emotion from time to time. For Santana, he doesn’t like that Miami stays out of the way when he’s arguing with someone she dates in her defense. “When I’m into it about y’all, I get out there. She gon’ turn on you about a n**ga,” Santana joked. “But if you do mind your business, she like, ‘Why you ain’t say nothing?’”

Making a transition into lighthearted conversation, JT discussed her relationship with Lil Uzi Vert. Visibly blushing over Uzi, she revealed it’s the first time she’s ever been in love with someone. “This is my first time really being in love, living with my man and waking up with somebody day-to-day. You know, like letting somebody see you without your makeup, letting somebody see your dirty draws, just everything. So it’s like my first real relationship and it feels good,” she confessed. JT praised Uzi for their attentiveness, and Miami noted that they bring out the best in her. Don’t let JT’s love for Uzi fool you — she still considers herself a City Girl. “I don’t pay a bill. I don’t even know when the first of the month is,” she quipped. When Miami asked if JT wants kids with Uzi anytime soon, she said she’s not ready to share their love yet. Offering advice to her bestie Miami, JT said she should give people a chance to grow with her and love her properly.

If you ever thought there was a chance of Yung Miami and JT separating to go solo, fear not — it’s not happening! Addressing breakup rumors in an emotional conversation, the rap duo made it clear that there’s nothing getting in between them. “Me personally, I feel like we started together, we grew up together. I’m not thinking like, ‘Oh, I’ma do this s**t without JT,’” Miami said. “That’s not my intentions. That’s not what I’m on. I feel like people love us as a group and we stronger as a group. We stronger together.” Santana added that he wants JT to explore her talents more and put out something she loves, similar to how Miami has her own talk show — however, he respects her taking her time to enjoy her life. Wiping away tears, JT recalled a time when an artist asked her to do a song without Miami and she rejected it. “It’s hard being in a group being two women. Women are always pinned against each other.” A pure friendship is often rare in the music industry, but Yung Miami, JT and Saucy Santana remind us that their loyalty to one another is bigger than rap.

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