Megan Thee Stallion was down at The Pynk this weekend. Last night (Aug. 7), the “Pressurelicious” rapper made her on-screen debut as her alter ego Tina Snow. In an all-white fur coat to match a sexy white bedazzled costume and white hair, the Houston Hottie arrived at the Chucalissa strip club with Lil Murda (played by J. Alphonse Nicholson). “They done brought TINA SNOW TO THEE MF PYNKKKKKK,” Megan said on social media ahead of the episode’s release.

Snow had the crowd hype as she appeared on the second to last episode of “P-Valley” this season. The entertainer performed a new song called “Get It On The Floor” with Lil Murda, which she wrote and recorded. Katori Hall, the show’s creator, shared her excitement for the episode titled “Snow.” “1st stop of Tina Snow’s ‘Hoes Up Gs Down Tour’ is the Pynk, bih! BIG Murda bringing Ms. Snow down to the valley will be the stuff of Chucalissa legend! The tour title is a subversion of ‘Pimps Up, Hoes Down’ as we explore pimp culture in all its complexities,” she said in a tweet.

In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Hall revealed that she’s wanted Megan to be part of the show since the beginning. “We have been wanting her to be on the show, whether it was as a rapper, as an actress, from season one,” she shared. Hall credited her cast members Nicco Annan (who plays Uncle Clifford) and Brandee Evans (who portrays Mercedes) for making it possible. On April 15, 2021, Megan dropped the music video for “Movie” featuring Lil Durk, which included Annan and Evans making cameos at the fictional strip club “Stallion’s.”

Fans were excited to see Megan on “P-Valley” as well. “It’s the Re-re-reeeeee opening at the Pynk!!! Yaaassssss @theestallion the entrance is EVERYTHANG!” a tweet said. Another user wrote, “Megan Thee Stallion was on ‘P-Valley’ and I fainted. OMG.” When asked if the “Plan B” artist would be returning next season, Hall said, “I’m just taking it one season at a time, as there has not been a season three renewal yet.”