As previously reported by REVOLT, on July 27, Highland Park suspect Robert E. Crimo III was indicted on 117 felony charges. At the time, the accused gunman stood before a grand jury in Lake County, Illinois and faced 21 counts of first-degree murder, 48 counts of attempted murder and 48 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm.

Yesterday (Aug. 3), the suspect pleaded not guilty to all charges. During a Fourth of July parade last month, the gunman claimed the lives of seven people and wounded at least 30 others, according to ABC 7 Chicago. Officials say Crimo planned the attack for weeks, possibly months. During the trial, the accused was guarded by at least eight officers as he sat with his attorneys. Sources say those who attended were not allowed to wear anything showing support for the Highland Park victims. Those who could not physically attend were able to watch via Zoom.

Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart spoke at the hearing. “Seven people lost their lives; there are three alternative ways that we see, in very many murder cases, to charge the offense of murder. That’s why there are 21 counts. If you were to go to any murder prior to this proceeding, you would see that very typically there are three. Sometimes there are two, but most often there [are] three,” Rinehart explained.

Ashley Beasley and her son were present during the attack. She attended the trial and said, “I would like to make sure, see that he never, that the shooter never faces the light of day again.” Highland Park Police Chief Louis Jogmen also spoke about resilience following the horrific incident: “This community, who from the moment this tragedy occurred has worked together, shoulder-to-shoulder to help those in need, police officers, firefighters, health communicators, medical personnel and citizens alike, working together to restore our peace and health and well-being for all involved.”

Attorneys will return for a case management conference on Nov. 1.