Chris Brown is defending his VIP meet-and-greet packages, which allegedly cost $1,000. The singer took to Instagram on Monday (Aug 1) to explain why he takes the type of photos he does with his fans. He wrote on his story, “PSA!!! When [artists] (everyone) do concerts, they all have something called a VIP package. I haven’t done meet and greets in over [seven] years… I have the coolest fans on the planet .. I appreciate the fuck outta them. These are memories that will last with them forever.”

Brown continued by thanking his fans for giving him a career. He said, “Unlike most of these lame ass artist that won’t make eye contact with the people who made it possible to even have a career. I only exist because these fans saw something in me I never thought was possible.. So ima go all out for my fans!!!!”

Brown is currently wrapping up his “One of Them Ones Tour” with Lil Baby. Bleu, who is supporting Breezy and Baby on the road, defended the asking price for the VIP packages. He tweeted, “1000$ for a life long memory/moment ain’t bad. Y’all ain’t gone have no memories when y’all get old only thing y’all gone remember is paying bills.”

The “Run It” singer has been touring since he was a teenager but admitted that he still gets nervous before gracing a stage. During an appearance on Big Boy, he said, “I still get nervous. I’m anxious about it, I have sleepless nights. I’m thinking of ideas. Because it’s the excitement, it’s adrenaline, it’s like a give and take. If you don’t understand that… you know energy, you can feel energy.”

Brown continued explaining his thought process. He added, “Like, when I get in work mode or thinking about it, I’m also just putting it in my mind, ‘How are the fans gonna perceive this?’ And say, ‘You know what, I didn’t waste my money coming to this muthafucka. I actually had a good time,’ you know what I’m saying? So there’s a lot that goes into that. I just don’t plot it out and say, ‘Look, we have to do this.’ But it’s something internally that I work on.”