/  07.13.2022

Last month (June 21), Texas news outlet the Austin American-Statesman released surveillance photos of police responding to the Uvalde mass shooting. Last night (July 12), the same outlet, along with Austin news station KVUE ABC, released the actual video.

As previously reported by REVOLT, on May 24, a gunman entered Robb Elementary School and killed 21 people. During the attack, 19 children and two teachers died. According to KVUE, the two media outlets “have elected to release that footage Tuesday to provide transparency to the community, showing what happened as officials waited to enter that classroom.” The video contains sensitive content. As the footage begins, the suspect crashes his vehicle outside the school. Two people who seemingly witnessed the crash approach the truck, presumably to assist the driver. Shortly after, they run away. Earlier reports mentioned two bystanders being shot at prior to the school shooting.

Seconds later, the suspect exits the ditch where the vehicle crashed and enters the school. As the gunman makes his way down a hallway, a young boy sees him from a distance. The suspect does not appear to see the child, and the student runs away. Next, multiple law enforcement officials are seen standing in the hallway. Most are pointing guns from a distance. At least one has a shield. All seem to be wearing protective gear. According to KVUE, “No officers make entry into the classroom for more than 70 minutes.” As the officers wait, the gunman continues to attack teachers and students.

KVUE added that they reached out to the victims’ families before publicly releasing the footage. “The families of the victims and the community in Uvalde have been calling for transparency,” the outlet said. KVUE reportedly told the families what was in the footage.

Yesterday, Gov. Abbott’s office also released a statement saying, “Gov. Abbott is disheartened and disappointed that this video was leaked before the victims’ families and the Uvalde community — those most affected by this tragedy — had the opportunity to view it.” It continued, “The governor has been clear since day one that he expects all information surrounding the tragedy at Robb School Elementary to be released, and we do appreciate that the Uvalde community is getting answers. The investigations being conducted by the Texas Rangers and the FBI are ongoing, and we look forward to the full results being shared with the victims’ families and the public, who deserve the full truth of what happened that tragic day.”


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