Muni Long wants to always remember her BET Awards show debut as beautiful. For that reason alone, the singer admitted she has yet to fully rewatch her performance of “Hrs and Hrs” from last week (June 26).

“I really want to see what that sounded like, but I had such a great experience and a beautiful memory of that night,” she said while speaking on the “PEOPLE Every Day” podcast. She continued by stating that she initially didn’t “want to ruin it by watching what actually happened.” Citing one of the reasons being her inability to really hear what her vocal performance sounded like. “My team was telling me ‘everyone was screaming the words,’ ‘they were all singing with you,’” she said while revealing she’s only watched the performance on mute.

Long’s performance of the hit song was one of the more talked about moments from the broadcast. The chart-topping record was turned into a viral hit after becoming somewhat of an anthem on TikTok late last year. Long, 30, said the song’s acceptance has been her first real experience with success in her career.

“It’s funny how the internet and collective agreement is very powerful, and people have sort of come up with their own meanings for the song,” said the “Pain” songstress. Her road to the BET main stage was been a long one full of detours. Long signed her first recording contract after being discovered at the age of 12 on YouTube. When things did not work out as she hoped she turned to penning songs for some of music’s biggest stars instead. Some of those heavy-hitters include unmatched vocalist Mariah Carey and Rihanna.

In the future, Long hopes to work with fellow singer Monica. “When I put out “No R&B” she actually reached out like, ‘Yo, I love your stuff. I would love to work,’” she told REVOLT in an interview earlier this year. Yesterday (July 1) Long dropped her latest EP Displays of Public Affection Too.