Shaquille O’Neal knows no bounds when it comes to spreading good deeds to those in need. Since retiring, the former NBA star has become nearly just as recognized for his philanthropic endeavors as he was for his basketball prowess.

O’Neal, when not seated at the sports desk for TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” is still dabbling in music –something he picked up in the ‘90s when experimenting with rapping– only now, he is known as DJ Diesel turning on the ones and twos at music festivals and events across the country.

While attending the Governors Ball Music Festival (June 10-12), O’Neal revealed that the money he would make from DJing at his upcoming Shaq’s Bass All Stars in Buffalo, NY, would not be used to pad his own pockets.

“I’m going to donate my proceeds to some of the family members that had a tragic loss,” said O’Neal of his June 24 show while speaking with SiriusXM’s “Culture Trap” host, Swaggy Sie.

The tragic shooting that took place in a grocery store parking lot on May 14 resulted in the deaths of ten Black people. The white gunman, Payton S. Gendron, live streamed the racially motivated massacre.

The former Los Angeles Lakers center is no stranger to making headlines for spreading his wealth around. Unbeknownst to employees of a New York City restaurant on June 12, O’Neal felt extra generous when he left a tip of $2,500. And last year while perusing jewelry at Zales for a pair of earrings, O’Neal again felt moved to make a stranger’s day when when he paid off a young man’s lay-away balance for an engagement ring.

“I don’t usually plan, I just see something and then I’ll just, if I see where there’s a need I just take care of it,” explained O’Neal of his motivation to help others. His efforts to help the families of the Buffalo shooting victims is not an isolated act. Comedian Dave Chappelle reportedly donated the proceeds of his set at city’s Shea’s Performing Arts Center (June 5).

Watch the interview below.