As previously reported by REVOLT, a 34-year-old man named Sean Bickings drowned in Tempe Town Lake in Arizona after police watched him struggle and refused to go in and rescue him.

The tragic incident happened on May 28.

Bodycam footage from officers was later released showing the events that led up to his death. At the time of the incident, cops were responding to a domestic dispute. Bickings had allegedly been fighting with his wife.

A press release stated that as law enforcement detained the couple at the scene to run their names through a database, the man “decided to slowly climb” a fence by the lake. It also adds that none of the three officers physically attempted to stop him from doing so.

As the 34-year-old approached the body of water, an officer is heard telling him not to go in. Bickings enters anyway and an officer says, “OK, I’m not jumping in after you.”

Reports say law enforcement told the man’s wife, “If you don’t calm down, I’m going to put you in my car,” as she begged for help. The four of them watched Bickings drown.

Officials shared that the police were not trained for water rescues but did call for assistance during the situation.

Yesterday (June 9), News One reported that officers from the same department rescued a dog from drowning just weeks before these officers refused to go in for a man of color.

The Tempe officials celebrated with a tweet.

“Shout out to Tempe resident ‘Salty’ Thompson and our patrol officers for saving this pup from [drowning] in the canal today! Thank you to all the other bystanders who jumped into action to rescue her. The dog is safe with @LostOurHome and in need of a loving home! Great work!” the post from May 17 says.