As previously reported by REVOLT, in May 2020, a white woman named Amy Cooper called the police on a Black man named Christian Cooper (no relation) after he asked her to leash her dog in an area of a New York park where leashes were required.

In light of extreme civil unrest going on at the time, Christian Cooper pulled out his cell phone to record and document the encounter. His video went viral as it showed the white woman lying to the 911 operator that she was being threatened by “an African American man” and requested cops to come immediately.

Christian Cooper had been in the area to do some bird-watching, a hobby that he has enjoyed for quite some time. In a turn of events, the 59-year-old freelance writer and editor who loves bird-watching will now get to host his own TV show on the hobby for National Geographic.

The show will be called “Extraordinary Birder.” The popular network announced the great news last week with a tweet.

“Lifelong birder Christian Cooper (@blackburniannyc) will take us into the wild, wonderful and unpredictable world of birds in his new show. ‘The Extraordinary Birder,’” National Geographic posted.

Fans on Twitter were pleased to hear that the Black man who was racially profiled and falsly accused would be able to turn his situation into a positive one.

“Anyone else remember a man named Christian Cooper, a bird watcher who could’ve been killed by cops due to a racist white woman calling them on him simply for watching birds? National Geographic is giving him his own bird watching show,” one tweet read with a heart and clapping emoji.

Another user added, “Remember Christian Cooper? The avid birdwatcher and unfortunate victim of Central Park Karen a couple years ago? He’s getting his own @NatGeo birdwatching show. I couldn’t possibly love this more.”

Christian Cooper will now travel the world doing what he loves for a major network. National Geographic stated, “Whether braving stormy seas in Alaska for puffins, trekking into rainforests in Puerto Rico for parrots, or scaling a bridge in Manhattan for a peregrine falcon, he does whatever it takes to learn about these extraordinary feathered creatures and show us the remarkable world in the sky above.”

A premiere date has not been released.