/  08.13.2020

No charges will be brought against two New York Police Department officers who fatally shot a Black man in his home last year, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark announced on Wednesday (Aug. 12). Kawasaki Trawick was living in a “supportive facility” for his “mental health challenges,” his mother said, when he was killed by police.

“After meeting with DA Clark’s staff, viewing surveillance and body camera footage and listening to 911 calls, it is 100 percent clear to me and my family that Kawaski should be alive today,” his mother Ellen Trawick told press. “The officers who killed my son escalated the situation every step of the way by opening the door to his home while he was cooking, then yelling commands at him while he was nowhere near them, then tasing him while he posed no threat and then shooting him. They rendered no aid and let him die on the floor.”

According to News One, Trawick was killed by officers last April while they were responding to a harassment complaint. Trawick had reportedly locked himself out of his apartment while he was cooking. A security guard and the building’s superintendent called police and said the 32-year-old was banging on neighbors’ doors. Trawick eventually got back into his apartment with help from firefighters, who feared his unattended cooking could start a fire.

Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis arrived to the scene, where they reportedly found Trawick wearing only underwear and holding a broom handle and a knife. After ordering Trawick to drop the knife as he moved toward them, the cops tasered Trawick and then fatally shot him.

“It is not right that he was living at Hill House to get support but they called the police on him, when they could have helped him get back into his apartment when he needed to,” Ellen said. “It’s not right that the NYPD showed up, entered his home while he was not a threat to anyone, barked orders at him, tased him and gunned him down.”

“Officer Brendan Thompson in particular seemed to want to cause harm; he tased my son after his partner told him not to and then he shot my son,” Ellen she added.

In her announcement, DA Clark added that there is a need to review police training and procedures when responding to those living in supportive housing.

Advocates demanded accountability from police in the aftermath of Trawick’s death. Although no charges will be filed, Ellen says she will still pursue the termination of both officers involved.

“If Kawaski were with us today, I know he would be demanding accountability and change so that what happened to him doesn’t happen to others. Since my son was stolen from us, my family will be fighting to demand that Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD fire officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis.”

According to NY 1 News, a formal report about the investigation into Trawick’s death is expected to be released within the next few weeks.


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