Disturbing new details have come to light regarding alleged Buffalo, New York gunman Payton Gendron.

As previously reported by REVOLT, on May 14, the suspect took the lives of 10 Black people when he allegedly opened fire in a planned, racially motivated attack at a Tops Friendly Markets grocery store.

Yesterday (May 17), the New York Post published an article claiming Gendron wrote violent journal excerpts about stabbing and beheading a cat.

The alleged journal entry was posted on the Discord app on March 25. In the post, Gendron supposedly saw the murder as valid because the feral feline had attacked his family cat Paige.

Authorities add that the suspected gunman detailed the attack by allegedly saying he repeatedly stabbed the animal and then bashed its head. Next, sources say he used a hatchet to cut the cat’s head off.

The entry reads, “When I came home at ~10:30 I was eating pizza bites when I hard my cat Paige scream from the garage.” The post continued, “I quickly enter and the gray cat was attacking her. I then spent the next hour and a half chasing the cat around the garage and stabbing it with my knife (the camo one).”

Sources say that the alleged attacker mentioned that he felt no empathy or emotions after brutally killing the defenseless animal.

“Honestly right now I don’t feel anything about killing that cat,” the supposed journal entry read, according to the New York Post. “I thought I would be in pain but I literally just feel blank.”

Gendron reportedly told his mother what he had done and she gave him a box to discard the animal’s remains.

“Just took a shower and now I’m here I barely even dug the grave it is so shallow,” the entry continued. “Well my cat Paige is safe now from that evil feral cat, may you find bliss from consciousness less [sic].”

The journal entry is one of many that is still being investigated along with an alleged manifesto that reportedly described the planned shooting in great detail.

Gendron’s family recently spoke out about the crimes, citing isolation from COVID as a reason for the Buffalo attack.

When speaking of the COVID theory, Sandra Komoroff, a cousin of Gendron’s mom, Pamela stated, “That’s the only way to say it. And when you’re home all day on the internet, you’re missing out on human contact. There’s a lot of emotions and a lot of body language you’re not getting [as] when you see their face.”

The suspect has pleaded not guilty to a first-degree murder charge from Saturday’s violent killings.