As previously reported by REVOLT, award-winning rapper and actor Ludacris received an honorary degree from Georgia State University on May 4.

While some graduates may receive a fancy dinner or a nice car, or even their student loans being paid off, Ludacris took things up quite a few notches and bought himself a private jet.

On Wednesday (May 11), the “Act a Fool” rapper posted a tweet that read, “Bought Myself A Little Graduation Gift.” He added, “#FamilyUpgrade #MotivationalPurposesOnly.”

With a smile, Ludacris says, “Yeah, motherfucker,” before singing “The Jeffersons’” theme song “Movin’ On Up” as he gives a tour of the colossal aircraft. The video shows off a luxurious tan and white interior with enough space for family and friends.

The rapper can be seen repping his alma mater in the footage by wearing a blue Georgia State shirt.

Ludacris was awarded an honorary Bachelor of Science degree in music management during the May 4 ceremony.

Last month, the Fast & Furious actor showed his excitement for the then-upcoming event in a tweet that read, “MY MOMMA IS SHEDDING REAL TEARS. When I put ‘what’s your fantasy’ out in 2000 I had to choose between leaving school or a music career. History has been made on one front & NOW it’s about to be made on ANOTHER. THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE THANK YOU @GeorgiaStateU.”

The grad had previously mentioned how he had to drop out of the university once his career began to take off.

After going on to achieve many great accomplishments, Ludacris returned to mentor students at the university in 2019 as part of their artist-in-residence program.

In March of 2021, Ludacris stunned fans when he posted a video of himself in a cockpit casually flying an airplane. For now, it’s unclear if the graduate will take time from his busy schedule to fly his family and friends to any destination they desire.