Katt Williams has taken some time off from the scene, but the famed comedian is back with a new Netflix comedy special that airs this month.

Yesterday (May 4), it was announced that “World War III” will be released on May 17. This will be Williams’ 12th comedy special and second collaboration with the streaming giant.

In 2018, Williams dropped “Great America” on Netflix. The special — which was directed by Leslie Small — focused on topics such as the country’s political climate at the time, racial divides and his dislike for roast beef.

The upcoming release was filmed earlier this year as Williams hosted his “World War III Tour.” What will be seen in the movie was filmed in January during his Las Vegas show at the Dolby Live Theater.

While Small may have directed Williams’ last Netflix special, this time around, the funny man will be taking on the director role. The comedian will also serve at the project’s executive producer.

Fans have been using social media to express their excitement for his return.

One user shared how her life would improve for the better if “Katt Williams single-handedly saves Netflix.” Another talked about how “the universe has been waiting” for his return.

Like Dave Chappelle, Williams is also scheduled to perform at a “Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival” show in Los Angeles — hopefully without any uninvited and unwanted guests. The festival kicked off on April 28 and runs through Sunday (May 8).

Promo for the upcoming Netflix special reads, “In the war between truth and lies, there is only one man you can trust. Comedy legend & Emmy Award winner, Katt Williams, returns to deliver the unfiltered truth and hilariously breaks down conspiracy theories in his new comedy special ‘World War III.'”

As we await the release of his latest film, here are a few tweets to remind you that Williams is one of the goats of comedy.